Laptops for the second phase of Information technology 

On Friday November 27, The Rotary Club of Portsmouth, DM and IT for Dominica Foundation received and unloaded the laptops for the 2nd phase of providing the technology to the primary schools, to help assist the children with their studies. We are looking forward to beginning the process of distributing the Laptops.
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The gift of giving

Christmas for many is filled with good food and fun. But there are many in our communities who are unable to provide even basic meals for themselves and their families. 
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Chromebooks Donated to Primary Schools

Posted on Nov 21, 2019

1,760 Computers Donated to Dominican Primary Schools


Portsmouth, Nov 21, 2019 - The Rotary Club of Portsmouth working with its Canadian partners - the Rotary Club of Lethbridge East and the Rotary Club of Bracebridge, in cooperation with the IT for Dominica Foundation - are celebrating the realization of their goal to provide information technologies to 23 schools in Dominica. Most of the funding for the project came from a Rotary International Global Grant. A donation of more than 1700 used Chromebook computers and other pieces of technical equipment was secured by the IT for Dominica Foundation from partners in Alberta, Canada.  The new value of the donated equipment (Chromebooks, switches, wireless access points, projectors, cables, weather-safe cases, transport, and installations) is in excess of $1.5 million CAD ($3 million ECD, $1.1 million USD). Current/used value estimate 1 million CAD ($2 million ECD, 0.76 million USD)

For the past two weeks, a team has been working in schools across the island.  The team includes Hans Schilders and Lise Van de Kamp from the Rotary Club of Portsmouth DM, Andrew and Geri Bronson from the Rotary Club of Lethbridge East, as well as Dr. Maurice Hollingsworth, IT for Dominica Foundation Co-Founder and President and his technical team from Alberta, Canada. This all-volunteer team included Jason Yaremchuk, Director of Technology from Northern Gateway Public Schools, Chris Sluggett, Lead Network Analyst from Wolf Creek Public Schools, Jake Cameron, Systems Support Specialist from the University of Lethbridge and Chris Hollingsworth, IT for Dominica Foundation Fundraising Committee Chairperson.  Their efforts were fully supported by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources in Dominica and their technical team led by ICT Coordinator, Timothy Lavinier.

The schools were selected by the IT for Dominica Foundation Board of Directors. IT for Dominica has an almost 20-year history, working with the Ministry of Education, schools, and teachers on the island providing technology-focused professional development through their summer institutes. The selection process involved schools completing a comprehensive online application.  Each school was also asked to complete a Community Needs Assessment, gathering input from stakeholders including students, teachers, and parents. In total 38 schools (29 primary and 9 secondary) completed the online application. Of those, 23 also completed the community needs assessment. The information received in each application was carefully considered with a focus on identified needs and the plans each school shared for using the new technologies to improve teaching and learning.  Twenty-three schools were selected to receive learning technology installations as part of the IT for Dominica Foundation/Rotary Global Grant partnership. Each school received Chromebooks, weather-safe case(s) for storage - particularly in the event of severe weather - one or more digital projectors, wireless access points, switch(es), and power bars for charging.

Before the Canadian team leaves Dominica on November 23rd, installations will have been completed in 20 primary schools as well as at CALLS, an alternative school for at-risk youth in Portsmouth.  Two primary schools that successfully applied are scheduled for major reconstruction and will be cabled and networked once this work is complete. Technologies were also provided to the Dominica Association of Teachers.  These will be used to support teachers islandwide as they work to develop skills and access resources to serve higher-level learning in their schools. In addition, technologies were provided to Dominica Community High School in recognition of their ongoing support for the work of the IT for Dominica Foundation and as a trial program that will help the foundation explore the use of Chromebooks at the high school level.  The foundation has a three-year plan to replace learning technologies in all schools on the island that still need them. Their work over the next year will focus on raising the funds necessary to install technologies in more schools in November of 2020.  In addition, the IT for Dominica Summer Institute offering professional development to Dominican teachers is scheduled for July. This year will mark the eighteenth time that teams of volunteer Alberta teachers have traveled to Dominica to offer summer courses. More information on the foundation, its history and its work in Dominica can be found online at

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth, DM is the younger one of the two Rotary Clubs in Dominica (Rotary Club of Dominica, Roseau celebrates 45 years). It’s 21 members, of which 6 live off-island, are still very active with recovery projects post Hurricane Maria. Next to the 23 schools mentioned above, they have provided learning technologies to 4 more primary schools and a secondary school. They have also donated new roofs, fish pots, water filters, and various donations to primary schools. The RCP Recycle Project was created together with Recycle Rebuild SCIO from Scotland, and currently, the club is preparing a diabetes awareness project for the Portsmouth region.

The Rotary Club of Lethbridge East, Alberta, Canada is very pleased to participate in this project.  Our 28 members of our 59-year-old club fundraise in Lethbridge through our Rotary Roses, Dragonboat Festival and Agricultural Scholarship projects.  Funds for this project were then matched by our Rotary District 5360, the Government of Canada and The Rotary Foundation. We are looking forward to participating in the next phase of this project in 2020.  

The Rotary Foundation is a non-profit corporation that supports the efforts of Rotary International to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs. It is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world. The Foundation was created in 1917 by Rotary International's sixth president, Arch C. Klumph, as an endowment fund for Rotary "to do good in the world." It has grown from an initial contribution of US$26.50 to more than US$1billion. It has one of the largest and most prestigious international fellowship programs in the world.

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Our Paix Bouche Project makes it to DA Vibes

Posted by Hans Schilders on Sep 26, 2019

Paix Bouche Primary School Gets Public Attention

After Hurricane Maria the Rotary Club of Portsmouth responded to a request of the All Hands & Hearts Foundation to provide help to the Primary School in Paix Bouche. All Hands were building a new school and we decided that Rotary Portsmouth would try to find funds for new classroom computers. 
So we could tell you that story here, but why not let DA Vibes tell it ??? 
Here is their story as published on Sept 27, 2019.
The Paix Bouche Primary School has been gifted a donation of information technology equipment for its computer lab from the Rotary Clubs of Portsmouth and Barbados and the All Hearts and Hands Foundation.
At a ceremony on Thursday, September 26th Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Hans Schilders, explained that the gesture was made possible through a student of the Seventh-Day Adventist Secondary School.
“Lily came to me with some of the staff as well as the Principal and members of All Hands & Hearts. They came knocking on the door of the Rotary Club in Portsmouth and said ‘guys we need help for Paix Bouche. We’re giving them a new building but they also need more support.’
“We altogether decided that Rotary was going to try to give you computers because we already know exactly what computers to buy. We were in contact with the IT Department of the Ministry of Education so we all came together. That one student had done so well and had such good grades that one Rotarian from Florida came to bring the computers. He was in the middle of Hurricane Maria horrified and decided to give computers to the school. We are here the Rotary Clubs of Portsmouth and Barbados to bring you your computers.”
Principal, Joannie Honore said “We are delighted that the Rotary Club has seen the need to make this partnership official. The ravages of Hurricane Maria upon the school cannot be forgotten or overlooked. However, the blessings which have been bestowed on the school, as a result, are truly tremendous. We shall forever be grateful to you all…”
The package comprised Chromebooks, projectors and photocopiers which Principal Honore assured will assist in providing quality education to the students of her school.
The value of the donated equipment is about EC$35,000.
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Rotary Banner Exchange at Secret Bay

Posted by Marianne Wijnands on Aug 28, 2019
Rotary Portsmouth Meets Rotary Willemstad, Curaçao
Secret Bay, the corporate sponsor of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth helped to organize a nice little event.
Last Wednesday the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Dominica, was invited for a Rotary banner exchange at Secret Bay with their guest Mr. Alexander Galarraga of Booking Success and his partner Monica. Mr. Galarraga is a member of the Rotary Club in Willemstad which he joined about a year ago. It's the small Dutch-speaking club, next to the bigger Rotary Club of Willemstad, somewhat similar to our situation here in Dominica: a small and active club alongside the big traditional club.
A delegation of Rotary Portsmouth went to Secret Bay for the appointment. We started introducing ourselves in English, but it soon turned out that everyone spoke Dutch! We had some nice conversations and the banner exchange.
We'll meet again soon, possibly already at the District Conference in St. Kitts and Nevis, next year in April.
Thanks very much to our corporate member Rotarian Dinesh Kissoon, general manager of Secret Bay, for organizing this banner exchange. We hope to have many more visits like this to the beautiful premises of our corporate sponsor.
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Short visit Rotary San Rafael

Posted on Jan 18, 2019
Visit from Rotarian Peter, member of the RC San Rafael California USA
In our last meeting (17/1/19), we had an unexpected short visit from a Rotarian living in the USA, but born and raised in Dominica. 
He surprised most of our local members when he started to speak the "Dominican" language. 
Because he had not much time, we did a fast banner exchange (our last banner) between President Hans and Rotarian Peter.
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A Donation from Aruba

Posted on Dec 28, 2018
ARUBA - One Happy Island
Just a very quick little story...
A couple from Aruba visiting Dominica today decided to make a donation to the Rotary Club of Portsmouth....
Thanks a lot Rolf and Nicole. Much appreciated
We will make sure that your gift will be made to good use for the people of the north of Dominica.
Enjoy the rest of your vacation!
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5 years RCP and Secret Santa celebrations

Rotary Club of Portsmouth Celebrates Their First Five Years
Tonight we celebrated with our members and Rotary friends 5 years Rotary Club of Portsmouth. We combined this celebration with our traditional  Secret Santa.
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5 Years History of Rotary Portsmouth

Posted by Hans on Dec 20, 2018

5th Charter Anniversary

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth is a Resilient Crew…

Allow me, President Hans, to give you my version of the history of RCP - Rotary Club of Portsmouth.

I believe I’m in a good position to talk about our history because I was there all the way ;-)


What most of you will not know is that our history starts in the late part of 2010.

Rotarian Dan Hopkins, member of the Rotary Club of Dominica in Roseau suggested to his board to start a Rotary Club in Portsmouth. He proposed to ask Rotarians Lise and Hans to form a committee together with him to do the necessary preparations.

The board of the Roseau club was a little hesitant. Dan, Lise, and Hans wanted to create a club mixed between Dominicans of the North and the Ross community. Concerns were that Ross members would come and go, but the challenge was accepted and so the journey started….

[[ If you don't see the YouTube video below, then copy+paste this URL into your browser to see the video:  ]]


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Plastic Bottle Caps Collection Competition 

Posted on Dec 06, 2018
Recycle Rebuild approached St Johns Primary School, Portsmouth to organise a plastic bottle collection competition, upon which the pupils of the school were tasked to collect as many plastic bottle caps as possible from their homes, and communities.
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Visit of our DG DOMINIQUE 

Posted on Nov 10, 2018
Official visit from DG Dominique Vénéré to Rotary Club of Portsmouth
Thank you District Governor Dominique Vénéré for your visit to the Nature Island Dominica 
and for the time you did spent with RCP / RCD / Rotaract and Interact.
We loved you enthusiasm for our nature (Indian River), your participation on the FUN Day in Mero with all clubs.
Your listening ear during our board meeting. It was a pleasure hosting you.
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Heritage Day Portsmouth

RCP joins Portsmouth in celebrating Heritage Day on the 21st of October 2018
On October 24th Portsmouth celebrated his heritage day with a 10am service at the St John's Catholic Cathedral followed by an exhibition at St John's School. 
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Meet our new honorary member

Posted on Oct 16, 2018
On Tuesday October 9th, Rotary Club of Portsmouth pins our third honorary member: Dr Dan Wrubel.
Dr Dan Wrubel, an optometrist from Michigan in the US, and his wife Genie have visited Dominica as volunteers for over 24 years with his VOSH eye-care program. Dr. Wrubel is involved in our new 21th century health care project. 
To honor him,  several club members gathered together at the poolside at Champs Hotel, where we had the pinning ceremony.
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Rotary Supporting Recycle Rebuild


Rotary Grenada Supports Dominica Plastic Recycle Project

Rotary Club of Portsmouth and Recycle Rebuild SCIO have produced the first product of their joint recycling project.
Rory Dickens, newest member of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth and co-founder of Recycle Rebuild with the assistance of Anne Sofie Uldahl Eriksen has produced the first recycled plastic product made from 3 plastic forks and plastic party cup retrieved from the beaches of Dominica. 
This joint project has so far built a plastic shredder and an injection molding machine with the objective of producing useful, saleable products. Our goal is to create a viable, sustainable business employing community members of Portsmouth and the surrounding areas to manage the facility, which can make and sell useful and decorative recycled plastic products. 
End of July the Rotary Club of Portsmouth received a financial donation from the Rotary Clubs of Grenada to sponsor this innovative and much needed project. Once the pilot side in Portsmouth will be up and running in their own workshop, occupied by local employed people The Rotary Club of Portsmouth and Recycle Rebuild hope to receive more sponsorship to open several small recycle shops all over the Island. 
It will build awareness of the plastic problem in Dominica and will give local people the chance to learn a new skill and earn their own living.  
For EC$25 you can buy these earrings and support this worthwhile endeavor.
Contact Rory Dickens directly on +1 767 277 0771 for more information.  
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Rotarians and Guests Celebrate
Achievements and Welcome New Officers

Portsmouth Rotarians and Guests Celebrate Achievements and Welcome New Officers to their 2018-2019 Term

On July 5th at 6:30 pm, members and guests of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth met at C&D Beach Bar & Restaurant in Picard to celebrate the club’s accomplishments in the wake of hurricane Maria and install new officers and board members. This annual event marks the beginning of the new Rotary year 2018-19.
Master of Ceremonies, Rotarian Kenneth, called the meeting to order.  He introduced outgoing President Ezra, who shared some experiences from the club’s past and rather challenging year.  This was followed by an installation ceremony where Assistant District Governor Sammy pinned the incoming President Hans who introduced and pinned the new board members.
Incoming President Hans made a brief presentation about the Club’s expectations for the coming Rotary year and pinned Rory Dickens, the club’s newest member.
Dinner was served. Live music was provided by Heidi Fabian and Bangie.
Following Dinner, the new pinned Rotarian Rory demonstrated and discussed the club’s Plastic Recycling project, for where we will receive financial support from the Rotary Clubs of Grenada soon.  
Foundation Chair and newly installed VP, Anne and new President Hans presented a citation and pinned the current Secretary and President-elect for 2019-2020 Sari Prosper as a Paul Harris Fellow in recognition of her selfless dedication and tireless service during a very challenging year post-Maria. Both President Hans and President-elect Sari extended a vote of thanks to the RCP membership and everyone was served dessert.
It was a fine evening of fun and fellowship for the Rotarians of Portsmouth and their families and friends.
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Plastics Recycling Project 

Rotary Club of Portsmouth Provides Seed Money For Plastics Recycling Project

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria, local residents Richard Rognlie and Kayla James-Rognlie of Salty Dominica approached the Rotary Club of Portsmouth with the idea to build a plastics shredder and an extrusion machine to help rid the environment of excessive plastic waste,  including thousands of relief water bottles shipped to Dominica.
Salty Dominica and the Rognlies with the encouragement of the Rotary Club donated components for the shredder. Several months into the effort Rory Dickens joined the effort. He had originally come to Dominica as part of the staff of the charity All Hands and Hearts, here to rebuild the Primary School in Paix Bouche.  Rory Dickens had been working with the organization since 2015 in the Philippines, Ecuador, Peru, Nepal and the British Virgin Islands.
These various charitable endeavors led Rory to see the importance in seeking entrepreneurial solutions to social problems.  Dickens, who received a Masters in Architecture from Robert Gordon University in Scotland, brought his design ingenuity to manufacturing an injection device largely out of scrap components found locally.
In April of this year he founded his own charitable foundation, Recycle Rebuild, which is an accredited SCIO in Scotland. It is through this organization that he formed a working partnership with the Rotary Club of Portsmouth to develop and build a plastics recycling facility utilizing the source design developed by David Hakkens Precious Plastics Global Initiative in Holland. This is an open source design resource available to communities.
The goal is to take Dominica’s discarded plastic and turn it into usable and saleable items for the benefit of Dominicans. The Rotary Club of Portsmouth and Rory Dickens’ Recycle Rebuild plan to have a pilot, which includes a shredder and injection molding machine functioning by the end of May.
The organizations will be seeking additional funding to establish a central recycling center in the Portsmouth area within the next six months at which point the product becomes for Dominicans and run by Dominicans.
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Rotary Club of Zurich-Glattal Helps Finance

Volunteers To Assist the Rotary Club of Portsmouth’s Cover a Home Program
Swiss volunteers sailed from Martinique aboard a private yacht, Martine, with skipper Mario Jusufovic who organized the volunteer mission.  Arriving in Portsmouth on Jan. 31, the crew included Kathrin Morf, journalist, Martin Angehrn, banker, Marcel Stucki, club-owner, Peter Winiger, retired air traffic controller, and Andreas Jarosch, an electrical engineer.  In addition to contributing $10,000 US donated by Swiss Rotarians to assist the Rotary Club of Portsmouth with their Cover a Home initiative, the volunteers paid their own way and lent a helping hand in the reconstruction of the home of Emrica Thomas in Portsmouth. 
The home was first damaged by Hurricane Maria. The family, an elderly husband and wife with mental and physical challenges, their daughter Emrica and granddaughter with some assistance managed to put a makeshift covering back on their home only to have it further damaged by the fire.
To date the Rotary Club of Portsmouth has completed seven Cover a Home projects out of the fifteen so far identified, which meet their criteria for assistance.
The Swiss crew then sailed south to assist with a similar project in Soufriere.
The Rotary Club of Portsmouth is most grateful for the generous financial support of the members of the Rotary Club of Zurich-Glattal and the Swiss volunteers.
Rotary Club of Zurich-Glattal Helps Finance 2018-02-27 04:00:00Z 0

500 more Water filters Distributed In Dominica

 Thanks to Joint Efforts of US Charity Waves for Water and the Rotary Club of Portsmouth
On January 15th Brent Lievsay and Ethan Lovell from the California based charity Waves for Water returned to Dominica to complete Phase Three of their mission to distribute much needed water purification systems.
They received on site assistance from members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.
A month earlier members of the club assisted in Phase Two, which involved the receipt of five hundred units through the port facility in Portsmouth plus transportation and warehousing the units prior their distribution.  Club members also helped identify
contact points at various health centers and schools to demonstrate how to put together and maintain the filtration systems and distribute them to those most
in need.
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Help Matilda attend District Conference 7030

Matilda is our treasurer elect and was a major volunteer immediately after Hurricane Maria hit Dominica. As many Dominicans did, she and her family endured not only fear for the safety of herself and her family, but house damage, loss of income and the immediate lack of basic necessities. Matilda’s husband, a fisherman lost all of his fish pots and has until recently been unable to return to his livelihood.

Although our club has received a lot of assistance in goods and in contributions to help rebuild, this money is earmarked for general service projects and not to use for Club finances. We as a club would like to reward Matilda for her service and give her the opportunity to attend PETS training and meet her fellow  Rotarians from our district. 

Matilda is administrator at the volunteer institute Colls Center, dedicated to giving a second chance to at risk young adults from the Portsmouth area, through vocational training and motivational programs.  The young Rotary Club of Portsmouth will benefit immensely by the training our treasurer elect receives.
Help Matilda attend District Conference 7030 2018-02-10 04:00:00Z 0

The broken garden of Eden


Matt Gemmell has recently returned from the hurricane-ravaged island of Dominica where he worked as part of the Rotary-backed Disaster Aid International. This is his story

AS the mother of Jesus, Mary or Maria is venerated by millions of Christians throughout the world. However, following the tragic events in the Caribbean last September, it may be some time before babies are christened Maria again. Maria, the 13th storm of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season made its rst landfall in Dominica with wind speeds in excess of 155 mph. What followed was unparalleled carnage, devastating Dominica just two weeks after Hurricane Irma had caused considerable damage.
      Maria, a category five hurricane, was undoubtedly the worst storm to ever hit Dominica.

Matt Gemmell with children from the region
On this beautiful, unspoilt, island paradise, mains water supplies were disrupted, roads were impassable, bridges were broken; it must have seemed like Armageddon to the stunned survivors.
      Thirty one people died and, as the world rushed to help restore the broken Garden of Eden, so did Disaster Aid International.

It’s amazing to think how this scheme is 47-years-old with its origins planted in the Rotary Emergency Box, which was conceived by Arthur Bowker who, at the time, was a member of the Rotary Club of Ashton-under-Lyne in Greater Manchester.
      Arthur recognised there were people a ected by all kinds of natural disasters around the world who had lost everything they owned. Provision of a few very basic things quickly would help these people survive and he also knew that Rotary was a huge force for good with a global reach.
      In 2010, the UK project joined forces with Rotarians around the world to form Disaster Aid International. The pooling of our respective resources and expertise has inevitably resulted in an organisation which now has a signi cant impact on disaster relief.
      Each country partner of Disaster Aid International is sponsored by a Rotary club - in the case of Disaster Aid UK & Ireland, that is the Rotary Club of Denton & Audenshaw.
      In Dominica, the Disaster Aid International team consisted of myself,
a 58-year-old retired police o cer living near Loch Lomond in Scotland, Suzi Vaill, 48, a project manager from Hamble in Hampshire, and team leader Tore Knos, 68, a retired master builder who switches his time between Los Angeles, California, and Santa Fe in New Mexico.
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Rotary Club greeting visiting Rotarians

On Monday January 29th, board members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth and acting Assistant Governor for Dominica, Haynes Jacob greeted visiting Rotarians, Ron Ferril, Rotary International Director from Virginia, District Governor Waddy Sowma, from Suriname, and Past District Governor David Edwards, from Barbados.  From the Douglas-Charles airport the visiting Rotarians toured several of houses, which have been reroofed, one in Marigot, one in Woodford Hill, one in Calibishie, under construction, and another completed project in Borne.  The club hopes to do a total of fifteen roofs in their area.
Following a luncheon in Picard hosted the Rotary Club of Portsmouth and president, Ezra Fabiane, the visiting Rotarians and the club’s board visited a household in Dublanc that received and is using a Sawyer water filtration system, which the US based charity Waves for Water distributed with the help of the Rotary club. All told the Rotary Club of Portsmouth facilitated the delivery of well over 1000 systems.  After this demonstration the visitors and board proceeded to the workshop of Nicolas King in Cottage Hill to attend the hand over of 10 newly made fish pots to Kirwin Deluge of Dublanc,  representing the fishing cooperative of Bioche and Dublanc. The club has already distributed 20 pots to the fisherman of Portsmouth. An additional ten fish pots will be distributed to the Bioche/Dublanc cooperative when they are completed.
In the evening the club’s full membership honored their distinguished guests with a light dinner and drinks in Picard.  President Fabiane introduced acting Assistant Governor Jacob who introduced
District Governor Sowma and Past District Governor Edwards and District Governor Sowma introduced Rotary International Director Ferril to the full membership. They were treated to a video presentation of the club’s immediate response following hurricane Maria and their ongoing projects.
After briefs remarks by Director Ferril and District Governor Sowma, the Rotary Club of Portsmouth inducted Rudolf Stomps as its newest member. Rotarian Stomps, an internet consultant and recent émigré from St. Maarten joins the club’s twenty other active, enthusiastic members. 
Rotary Club greeting visiting Rotarians 2018-02-04 04:00:00Z 0

Hand-over Fishpots

Rotary Helps Local Fisherman Get Back to Work

On December 27th, members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth presented newly constructed fish pots to local fisherman. The fish pots , made by Nicholas King were paid for by  the Rotary Club’s Disaster Relief Fund.
Portsmouth area fisherman who lost their fish pots during hurricane Maria received much needed replacements. The recipients included, Crispin Mitchell,
Jack Harney, Elvius Mitchell, Albermathie Achie, Patrick Prince, Tommy Hector, Mathew Gilbert and Delphine Peter.
The Rotary Club of Portsmouth intends to continue its efforts to help local fisherman regain their livelihood and bring much needed fish to market. The next programmed distribution will help the joint fishing communities of Dublanc and Bioche.
Hand-over Fishpots 2018-01-17 04:00:00Z 0

Fundraiser for RCP

Posted on Nov 12, 2017

Restart Dominica's Economy Fundraiser

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth want to help all we can who suffered badly from Hurricane Maria. 
Right now we have a simple 3 Step Plan for which we ask your generous donations:
  1. Keep people healthy by giving everyone access to good quality filtered drinking water and reduce plastic bottle pollution. 
  2. We want to buy building materials and hire local carpenters to build permanent roofs through our Cover a Home Program. 
  3. Put fisherman back to work. We will make new fishpots to distribute to the fisherman who have lost their equipment. 
We are grateful for any contribution you can make. Your help can make a real difference in the lives our people at this critical time. Thank you in advance.
Click on any of the links for a direct donation.
Fundraiser for RCP 2017-11-12 04:00:00Z 0

Free Water Filters

Posted on Nov 05, 2017

Distribution of FREE Water Filters 

On October 25, Fritz Pierre-Louis, President of the Rotary Club of  Leogane, Haiti, District #7020  arrived in Dominica and made contact with officers of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.
His mission was to establish a joint effort between Rotary and a US based charity called Waves for Water.
Their mandate is to deliver fresh pure drinking water to those in extreme need. 
President Fritz arrived by plane and the following day two representatives from Waves for Water,,  Brent Lievsay and Ben Bourgeois , sailed from St. Croix, arriving in Portsmouth with 460 filter units and 280 buckets.
On Thursday Oct. 26, they provided members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth and several community representatives with 9 units and trained them on how to assemble the kits.
The following day Rotarians and volunteers had a busy and long day providing training on how to assemble and use the units.
  • Right by the riverbank in Dublanc 80 systems were distributed.  
  • In Portsmouth at the home of Wayne Abraham, who has served the community relief effort via ham radio services plus providing a much needed place for people in the community lacking power to charge their phones and other devices, 37 unites were demonstrated and distributed. 
  • 15 systems where provided at the Primary School in Savanne Paille.
  • In front of the UNICEF tent at Bense village primary school 16 more systems were made available to households.
The following day, Oct 27, it was the east coast of the island.
In the Kalinago Territory the Chief helped gathering many of the families for presentation and 80 drinking water producing systems were handed out and assembled.
Castle Bruce received 32 systems. And 4 were given out after demonstrations that were done right on the street in Marigot and 5 more were provided in Wesley.
The team left 180 additional filters for which the Rotary Club needs to obtain buckets. The cost of this relief effort is being shared by the Rotary Club of Portsmouth and the Roseau Rotary Club of Dominica. After additional buckets are obtained Roseau Rotary will distribute the remaining systems in the south end of the island.
The water filtration units are manufactured to filter and purify 100 gallons of water per day with an output of 1 liter per minute. This simple but effective system filters to 0.1 microns  absolute and will remove 99.999% of bacteria such as protozoa and cyst such a E coli, Giardia, and salmonella.
The mission of Fritz Pierre-Louis, President of the Rotary Club of  Leogane, Haiti, and Waves for Water was very successful and the Rotary Club of Portsmouth will source more water filters and bucket in an effort to give many more Dominicans easy access to good quality filtered drinking water.
Rebuilding Dominica starts with good health for each individual and good health starts with absolutely safe drinking water.
Free Water Filters 2017-11-05 04:00:00Z 0

Cover a Home in Dominica

Posted by Hans Schilders on Oct 21, 2017

Help RC Portsmouth to


Here is an information update for the campaign 
COVER A HOME IN DOMINICA - - Saturday Oct 21, 12 noon
Home of Charles Valentine 30x30 three bedrooms. 
Occupants. 2 elderly displaces by TS erika 2 children 1 . disable girl 2 sons. Husband and wife
Estimate to repair this house (material and labor sourced locally): EC$ 9000  
HOUSE 2                        
This is small house in Bioche about 20x20 ft
It is occupied by Nita, a mentally challenged person. She will not be able by herself to repair her house.⁠⁠⁠⁠
Estimate to repair this house (material and labor sourced locally): EC$ 6000
HOUSE 3 > in Westley                        
This house was the home to 6 vulnerable persons who stayed there after a very difficult experience with tropical storm Erika 2 years ago. This was their home after being rescued by boat from the southern side of the island. The family consisted of 3 children and one child age 6. The house in the photo consists of 4 bedrooms. The owner of the house is due for a leg surgery which costs minimum ec $ 10,000. After Maria the occupants of this house were forced to flee for shelter in different places. The mother of the owner of this house is 85 years of age and together with her brother of 90 now lives in a shop temporarily, hoping and waiting for the roof to go back on so that they too can go live in the said house. The owner is not able to to do much physically because of post pains, swelling and discomfort in his leg before surgery. In one of the images his crutch had to be used to hold up the ceiling from caving in on him during the storm.                        
The size of the roof is about 30 x 50 ft
Estimate to repair this house (material and labor sourced locally): EC$ 12000
HOUSE 4 > in Kalinago Territory                        
A small house with one bedroom occupied by a mother with a baby and other children. 
No picture available yet. The picture below is not of the said house but a general image of the devastation in the already poor indian territory.
Estimate to repair this house (material and labor sourced locally): EC$ 6000
HOUSE 5 > in Anse de Mai                        
Home of senior citizens in seaside village Anse de Mai.
No image available yet.
Estimate to repair this house (material and labor sourced locally): EC$ 6000                        

HOUSE 6 > in Marigot (East Coast)                        
Waiting for details to be passed - communication with the area still difficult                        
Estimate to repair this house (material and labor sourced locally):
Depending on the size of the house between EC$ 6000 and EC$ 12000  

SUMMARY with amounts in US$
House 1 - North of Portsmouth - Family of 9 -   EC$9000 / US$3400
House 2 - Bioche - Mentally disabled person -   EC$6000 / US$2300
House 3 - Westley - Family/Group of 8          -   EC$12000 / US$4500
House 4 - Kalinago Territory - Single mother -  EC$6000 / US$2300
House 5 - Anse de Mai - Senior citizens         -   EC$6000 / US$2300
House 6 - Marigot - Details will follow - 6 to 12 EC$ / 2300 to 4500 US$




Transfer your donation to our Disaster Account and indicate which house you want to help repair.
We will keep you informed about the progress by regular updates of this web article.

Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Disaster Account   315 00 13 93

National Bank of Dominica NBD
64 Hillsboroughstreet, Roseau, Dominica, 00152

Corresponding Bank: Bank of America NY
ABA Number: 026009593


For any questions or remarks, feel free to WhatsApp to Hans Schilders at +1 767 616-3002    (prefer WhatsApp rather than call)

Cover a Home in Dominica Hans Schilders 2017-10-21 04:00:00Z 0

Bingo Fundraiser


Bingo Fundraiser Nights coming...

Fun, Fellowship, and exposure to the community all combined in our new Rotary Portsmouth Fundraising Nights. 
Wednesday 13th of September we will host the First RC Portsmouth BINGO FUNDRAISING NIGHT.
We want to make this first night a success so we're inviting all our members to attend and to bring at least 1 friend, but you can invite as many as you want. And of course the general public is must welcome. Anyone who likes Bingo, and all friends of Rotary are kindly invited to come play a round for one of our many prizes donated by the business community in the north.
The event will be held at Purple Turtle starting at 7pm.
To play you need to buy 2 bingo cards ($15 for 2 cards).
If you like to have a drink or snack you can order at Purple Turtle. 
We can still use more prizes, so please if you know of businesses in the north, ask for a prize for our BINGO... (as for now we get prizes with a value between $15 - $50ecd).
We cannot have too many prizes because we will need more for the next BINGO FUNDRAISING NUGHT which we will host in 2 month from now. 
If you have a nice prize at home that you want to donate to Rotary, please let us know. (see below) 
Printing flyers will be available from Wednesday September 6th. Please tell us if you want one to hang at your business or any other place where the public can see it. We can't do this alone so please give us a helping hand. 
Fore more information, to donate prizes, get a flyer, or reserve a table, please contact Past President Rotarian Lise at cell 767 616-3001 (also WhatsApp number), or email 
Book it in your calendars NOW >> Wednesday Sept 13, 7am, Purple Turtle, Rotary Bingo Fundraiser Night.
Looking forward to see you there!!
BB  II  NN  GG  OO  !!!!!
Bingo Fundraiser 2017-09-06 04:00:00Z 0

Visit from Past President Tony Merah

Posted on Aug 24, 2017

Info Update from "Nigeria"

On Thursday August 24th, 2017 The Rotary Club of Portsmouth had a guest brought by Rotarian Lise at our regular meeting place Rejens Hotel.
Tony Merah came to Dominica to help his daughter get started at Ross University, School for Medicine and he used the opportunity to visit our club.
He is a Past President in a club in the Lagos, Nigeria area and now he lives in Calgary Canada. Tony is a lawyer by profession and after practicing many years in Nigeria, he has been certified in Canada where he now runs his own chambers.
He took actively part in our meeting by informing us about projects that his club realized when he was the president. One in particular was that they created roundabouts in the city to improve traffic streams, while benches and little parks on the roundabouts give citizens a nice place to sit and socialize.
PP Tony seemed to enjoy the meeting as we did too. We promised to see him again when he will be visiting his daughter during her time at Ross University.
Visit from Past President Tony Merah 2017-08-24 04:00:00Z 0

Caibbean Rotarian Next Rotary President

First Caribbean President for Rotary International Elected

Barry Rassin selected to be 2018-19 Rotary president

Barry Rassin, of the Rotary Club of East Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2018-19. He will be declared the president-elect on 1 September if no challenging candidates have been suggested.

As president, Rassin aims to strengthen our public image and our use of digital tools to maximize Rotary’s reach.

“Those who know what good Rotary clubs do will want to be a part of it, and we must find new models for membership that allow all interested in our mission to participate,” he says. “With Rotary more in the public eye, we will attract more individuals who want to be part of and support a membership organization that accomplishes so much good around the world.”

Rassin earned an MBA in health and hospital administration from the University of Florida and is the first fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives in the Bahamas. He recently retired after 37 years as president of Doctors Hospital Health System, where he continues to serve as an adviser. He is a lifetime member of the American Hospital Association and has served on several boards, including the Quality Council of the Bahamas, Health Education Council, and Employer’s Confederation.

A Rotarian since 1980, Rassin has served Rotary as director and is vice chair of The Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees. He was an RI training leader and the aide to 2015-16 RI President K.R. Ravindran.

Rassin received Rotary's highest honor, the Service Above Self Award, as well as other humanitarian awards for his work leading Rotary’s relief efforts in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake there. He and his wife, Esther, are Major Donors and Benefactors of The Rotary Foundation.

Rassin’s nomination follows Sam F. Owori’s death in July, just two weeks into his term as Rotary International president-elect.

To learn more about Barry Rassin, read this interview and vision statement outlining his goals for Rotary.

Caibbean Rotarian Next Rotary President 2017-08-23 04:00:00Z 0

RC Portsmouth on SkyViews Map

Rotary Portsmouth on SkyViews Map

Dear Rotarians and Friends of Rotary,
We are proud to show you that the Rotary Club of Portsmouth is on the Skyviews map  of Dominica ! 23rd edition 2017 !
Skyviews maps are driving since 1985 over 18 Million visitors through the Caribbean islands.
The Skyviews map of Dominica is the only one map used as a guide that gives information on hotels, restaurants, services activities, transport, community, main sites, diving sites, hiking on the Waitukubuli trail, to every visitor coming to Dominica.
RC Portsmouth is happy to be on this map so every Rotarian visiting Dominica can come to see us for a make-up.
Be aware we have a club meeting Thursday evening. If you want to be sure, contact us at +1 767 616-3002.
RC Portsmouth on SkyViews Map 2017-08-23 04:00:00Z 0

The Next eBulletin

A Next Newsletter in the Making...

The Chair of Public Relations, Rotarian Annick, and the Chair of Membership, Hans, working very hard together to prepare the next newsletter of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth. Look for it in your email on the first Wednesday of September.
This Rotary year we have a great cooperation between PR and Membership and we feel confident that it will result in an improved public image of the club and will bring us new Rotarians in the North. Every Wednesday morning Annick and Hans spend some hours together to make sure that Dominica will be well informed about our community efforts and the fellowship and fun we have at Rotary.
Want to be part of Rotary Portsmouth? Email to or call 767 616-3002
The Next eBulletin 2017-08-23 04:00:00Z 0

Foundation Meeting @ Rotarians Lise & Hans

Posted on Aug 17, 2017

August Monthly Foundation Meeting

Every month, on the 3rd Thursday of the month our club meets at the house of one of our members. 
This time it was the turn of Rotarians Lise and Hans and we met at their balcony which has a very nice view of Prince Rupert Bay.
Thanks Lise and Hans for welcoming us in your home.
We were happy to welcome two prospective Rotarians at our meeting, Ms. Avian Hilton and Mr. Rudolf Stomps. We hope you will become members of our club and help us do good in the north of Dominica.
As always we contributed our EC$25 to the Rotary Foundation and the money was immediately transferred online to TRF (The Rotary Foundation).
This is how our club tries to achieve in each Rotary year the EREY = Every Rotarian Every Year special Banner and recognition.
The picture show our relaxed fellowship and we also watched a Rotary Foundation video together to see how other clubs in the world are making Foundation moving do good for others. Please read the short text explaining what Rotary Foundation does.

The Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world.

Our 35,000 clubs carry out sustainable service projects that support our six causes. With donations like yours, we’ve wiped out 99.9 percent of all polio cases. Your donation also trains future peacemakers, supports clean water, and strengthens local economies.It can save a life. A child can be protected from polio with as little as 60 cents. Our partners make your donation go even further. For every $1 Rotary commits to polio eradication, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has committed $2.

Foundation Meeting @ Rotarians Lise & Hans 2017-08-17 04:00:00Z 0

Visitors from the Netherlands

Posted on Aug 10, 2017

Visit from Dutch Rotarians

Past President Rotarian Lise is the owner of Hotel The Champs and she had Dutch guests staying with her that are Rotarians.
So Lise made sure to bring them to our club meeting on Thursday August 10, 2017 at our usual location Rejens Hotel.
Our guests were Rotarian Thië Lijklama a Nijeholt and his Rotary-Anne Mrs Jolanda Nijenhuis.
Thië is the treasurer of his club, Rotary Club Roden-Leek in the north of the Netherlands, District 1590.
This year's president of his club is Mr Cees Laffra, and the Immediate Past President is Mr Bernard Tilema.
There was a pleasant exchange of information about how our clubs are running, what projects and fundraisers we're doing and a great mix of fellowship and fun. 
President Ezra and PP Lise presented to Rotarian/Treasurer Thië our club banner and we expect to receive one in exchange from his club by the mail. It will come but things take time in Dominica. When we receive it, you will see it in our next newsletter. 
Thank you very much Thië and Jolanda for joining us at our clubmeeting. It was a pleasure and we learned some new things how we can improve our Rotary experience.
Visitors from the Netherlands 2017-08-10 04:00:00Z 0

New Paul Harris Fellow + New Member

Anne is Now a Paul Harris Fellow

During our latest Foundation Meeting on the 20th of July, Rotarian Anne Winn, our Foundation Chair, received a pin and award from the Rotary Foundation confirming that she is now a Paul Harris Fellow.
Paul Harris was the founder of Rotary International, 111 years ago. Whenever a Rotarian reaches a point that he/she has donated in total a set amount to the Rotary Foundation, that person becomes a Paul Harris Fellow.
We are happy and proud that another member of our club is now internationally awarded and recognized.
Thank you very much PHF Anne for your gracious donations to the Foundation. You are an example for your fellow Rotarians!

New Club Member Anne Mary Campo

On the 27th of July, the Rotary Club of Portsmouth pinned as a new Rotarian, Mary Anne Campo of Picard. Her classification is Learning Technologist.
She was introduced to the club by Past President Lise van de Kamp. She attended several meetings as a prospective member before joining the club. She says, 
“ I prefer to be an active participant, and enjoyed it when I joined in with Rotarians when they did a beach cleanup and installed grills on Toucari Beach. 
The Rotary Club of Portsmouth is proud to welcome our first new member of this new Rotary year 2017-18 and the club looks forward to more such ceremonies in the near future. Each new member makes our commitment to service above self stronger and our work more enjoyable. 
New Paul Harris Fellow + New Member 2017-07-27 04:00:00Z 0

Scholarship for Nyami Gabriel

Posted on Jul 24, 2017

Rotary Club of Portsmouth Presents US$1000 Scholarship to Nyami Gabriel of Dominica SDA

At 2 pm on Monday July 24th the Rotary Club of Portsmouth held a brief presentation ceremony  honoring the recipient of its first annual scholarship to Nyami Gabriel, a fourth form student at Dominica SDA Secondary School.  
The US$1000 scholarship is the gift of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth and the Rotary E-Club of Southeastern USA and Caribbean.  
The scholarship is given to cover tuition, uniforms and textbooks and school supplies for the coming school year.
Making the presentation held at Champs Hotel & Restaurant was the Club President, Ezra Fabian.  Others in attendance in addition to Nyami and her mother Patsy Belle included Rotarians Lise Van de Kamp, Hans Schilders,  Anne Winn and Sari Prosper,  chair of the scholarship selection committee.
The theme of Rotary International for the year 2017-2018 is “Making a Difference” and the Caribbean District has refined that to “Making a Difference in Education so this scholarship is fully in line with the Rotary goals.
We wish Nyami all the best with her studies and are looking forward to see her reach her goals in life.
Rotary = Service Above Self, supporting the community where we can, when we can.
If you are interested in joining Rotary please visit our website at or call 616-3002.
Scholarship for Nyami Gabriel 2017-07-24 04:00:00Z 0

Investiture Cocktail 2017, July 6th

Posted by Annick Giraud
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
I would like today to thank everyone who participated in our Investiture Cocktail ! Hands up!
And make my comments as a Four-Way-Test ..
Is it the Truth?  YES
the Investiture Ceremony took place at the charming Madiba Cafe on the beach of Lagoon Portsmouth this Thursday at 5.30 p.m.
Is it Fair to All Concerned? OF COURSE
There was all what we expected. People attended and showed interest.
Will it Build Goodwill and Better Friendship ? EXACTLY
Rotarians and non Rotarians shared a special evening as they were gathered for the Investiture of the new board and its President for 2017-2018
Weather , food and drinks , music and a special violonist enchanted the
crowd. The raffle went well ! And in time!
Will it Be Beneficial to All Concerned ? OF COURSE
Everyone left with a smile on their face , new contacts and re-contacts were made with the promise to continue the good job .
My fellow Rotarians a happy and fruitful Rotary Year, let’s go to work and do what we do best ”Service above Self”
PR and SAA Annick.
Here is what Rotarian Brian said: "My impressions of the Investiture Celebration, I thought it went well. We had great food, great company, a fabulous setting, and wonderful turnout of 43 Rotarians, sponsors, friends of our Rotary club, and guests. We also had good success with our raffle during the event. In total, I saw the event was a success."
And this is what one of our guests wrote us: "Greetings. I was happy to accept your invitation and to be present at the Cocktail Investiture. Thank you for the invitation. Faithfully, Eulalie"
Investiture Cocktail 2017, July 6th Annick Giraud 2017-07-06 04:00:00Z 0

Press Release Investiture Cocktail 2017

For Immediate Release
Rotary Club of Portsmouth Celebrates its Annual Investiture of New Officers and Board Members
             at Madiba Café on the Beach
On Thursday  July 6th, the Rotary Club of Portsmouth held its fifth annual investiture
 at Madiba Café in Lagon.  Club members celebrated by the beach with light snacks
and drinks.
Outgoing President Stewart Paris gave a brief speech of thanks and a summary of the clubs accomplishments for the community during the year.  The gathering then heard some brief remarks from the clubs incoming president, Ezra Fabian.
A letter was read from Rotary International’s incoming District Governor Waddy Sowma outlining the goals and the theme for this coming Rotary year.
Outgoing president Stewart Paris formally handed over his office to new president Ezra Fabian giving him the Rotary seal pin as a token of his new office.
The crowd was entertained by President Ezra’s daughter Heidi who played a violin solo of the popular Adele song “Someone Like You”, after which all the incoming, and returning officers and board members received their official pins. 
The inductees included returning Secretary and Vice President Sari Prosper, new treasurer Brian Hamrick, Sergeant-at-Arms and PR Chair Annick Giraud, and board members, Matilda Carty, Stewart Paris, Anne Winn, Lise van de Kamp, and Hans Schilders, (president-elect for the year 2018-19).
In good Rotary tradition the Investiture Cocktail was closed with a raffle of which the proceeds go the to club’s general funds to give financial support to various small community projects.
The event was a success and the challenge to make it another successful Rotary year is in front of the new President, his Board and Membership.
Persons interested in joining the Rotary Club of Portsmouth are invited to contact the club at or cell 616-3002 .
Press Release Investiture Cocktail 2017 2017-07-06 04:00:00Z 0

Farewell Rotarians Joy and Ron

Posted on Jun 29, 2017

Farewell to our top couple Joy and Ron Himnel

We at the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, were sad to hear that Joy and Ron had to leave Dominica for family purposes!
They have faithfully come and take part actively at our meetings and projects and we will be missing them dearly!
They keep Dominica in their heart with the club banner that was presented them and the special "Women in Rotary" pin for Joy and they promised that they will be back to visit us!
It was a joined farewell within the Rotary club of Portsmouth and sponsor of the evening Hotel The Champs which specially thanked Ron for his help in their business place.
President Stewart and all our members will regret to see them go and wish them all the best back in the USA!
Farewell Rotarians Joy and Ron Annick Giraud 2017-06-29 04:00:00Z 0

Open House April 6, 2017

Successful Open House Meeting 
Thursday April 6, 2017 was chosen as the date for our Open House Meeting and it was very successful.
With 24 guests coming to check what Rotary is all about and every club member helping out to make it a pleasant and informative meeting. 
A warm thank you to our island's Assistant Governor PHF Haynes for his presence and support and already we have some of the guests who have confirmed that they would like to join the Rotary Club of Portsmout. Great - Welcome.
Have look at the photo's. Our weekly venue the Rejens Hotel in Picard turned into a true conference center for the occasion. Thank you GM Ashton and staff. 
A full house, excellent ambiance, useful information, nice snacks and good fun. 
Open House April 6, 2017 2017-04-09 00:00:00Z 0

Charter Night and Fund Raising for Haiti 

Posted by Lise

Rotary Clubs of Portsmouth & Dominica raised over $16000 for Haiti during the Charter Night Event of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth at Fort Shirley.

In December 2016 the Rotary Club of Portsmouth celebrated their 3rd Charter Year. As Rotarians believe in service above self the club decided to have a joint fund raising with the Rotary Club of Dominica (Roseau) to help the people of Haiti. The event was a big success and we raised over $16000 !!! (exact amount not verified yet as funds are still coming in.) 
Charter Night and Fund Raising for Haiti Lise 2016-12-10 00:00:00Z 0

Investiture 2016-2017 Board

New Board for 2016-2017 Installed

Starting a new Rotary year, the new board for the Rotary Club of Portsmouth was formally installed on Thursday July 7th at Restaurant The Champs.
Investiture 2016-2017 Board Jennifer Connolly 2016-07-07 00:00:00Z 0
Visit from "Dutch" and the crew Sari Prosper 2016-03-18 00:00:00Z 0

Rotarian Kenneth O'Brien

I am a Rotarian because...
Kenneth is proud to be a Rotarian because it gives him to opportunity to be part of collective humanitarian project and to collectively experience and share joy when a need is fulfilled. 
Would you like to become a Portsmouth Rotarian? Leave a comment, a message or visit 
Rotarian Kenneth O'Brien 2016-02-12 00:00:00Z 0

Become a Portsmouth Rotarian like Annick

I am a Rotarian because...

Because Rotary is Family,
Wherever you go in the world, you are most welcomed !
Because Rotary is Fulfilling it's goals.
No Fear, it makes things Happen . Why? Because We are Family! 
So I am Happy to serve Rotary, because It makes people Happy
Annick Giraud
Rotary Club of Portsmouth  Dominica
Come and join us!
Become a Portsmouth Rotarian like Annick 2015-12-19 00:00:00Z 0

Become a Portsmouth Rotarian

I am a Rotarian because...

Hello, my name is Sari Prosper, teacher at the Dominica Seventh Day Adventist Secondary School in Glanvillia.
I am a Rotarian because I  want to make a difference in my community and I want to see positive changes in my community that I made a contribution towards. I love what Rotary stands for  "service above self".,  reminds me and encourages me to serve my community more than I serve myself. 
Become a Portsmouth Rotarian 2015-12-01 00:00:00Z 0

Become a Portsmouth Rotarian

I am a Rotarian because...

Hi, my name is Shirley St. Jean and I'm born and raised in Portsmouth. From my 16 till 2 years ago I lived in Europe and the US.
I'm happy to be back in Dominica and i'm proud to be a Rotarian because I want tot give back to my community.
Become a Portsmouth Rotarian 2015-12-01 00:00:00Z 0

Benefit Fund Raising Raffle

Posted on Jun 29, 2015
Here’s Your Chance to
Win Big Two Ways.
Buy a $10 raffle ticket from the Rotary Club of Portsmouth and you’ll have a chance to win one of many valuable prizes and at the same time help support the ongoing community improvement projects that the club sponsors.
The Grand Prize is a 3-night stay for 2 at the 5-Star Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino in Sint Maarten, plus FREE Round-Trip tickets for 2, on Winair*.
Or win other very valuable prizes like:
Benefit Fund Raising Raffle 2015-06-30 00:00:00Z 0

Progress Emergency Room Project

Posted on Jun 17, 2015
Emergency Room Renovation Progress
On Thursday June 18th, members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth met at the Reginald Armour Hospital in Portsmouth to inspect progress on their project to renovate and modernize the hospital’s Emergency Room facility.
The contractor Mr. Charlesbert John showed the officers and members the new tiled floor and wall partitions separating the new entrance, doctors office, four new treatment rooms and bathroom facilities and he also answered questions from club members.
Dr. Candia Jacob, representing the Ministry of Health was also present to answer members questions and discuss the work being done on the emergency room and reception area of the hospital.
The contractor estimates completion of the Emergency Room project by the end of July. The members were all excited to see the work in progress and anticipate a modernized emergency room for the Portsmouth hospital in a matter of weeks.
Progress Emergency Room Project Anne-Sari-Hans 2015-06-18 00:00:00Z 0

Why Join the Rotary Club of Portsmouth?

Posted by Anne Winn on Feb 25, 2015

Why Join the Rotary Club of Portsmouth?

ImageI know. You are already a very busy person. Busy with family. Busy with your business, busy with church activities, Busy in politics. You care about your community but there seems to be little time for personal initiative. In short you are just like those who have already joined the Rotary Club of Portsmouth. 

MImageembers, who own businesses, have found a great place to network with others, share ideas, make valuable contacts, and make a positive impression in the community.
Members, who are active in their church, have found like minded positive people engaged in improving living conditions and services,  working with those who are unaffiliated or from another denominations fostering a ecumenical atmosphere.
Members have found a wider family to share their hopes, concerns, aspirations as well as good fellowship and fun.

ImageIt is a truism that if you want to get something done ask a busy person. The members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth are all busy people, but they have found that by joining together with other members, and with the wider 1.2 member strong Rotary International, they can make significant contributions to the improvement of the wider community of Portsmouth and Northern Dominica.



We hope you will consider joining us.


Why Join the Rotary Club of Portsmouth? Anne Winn 2015-02-26 00:00:00Z 0

Family Open House @ PAYS - Purple Turtle

Posted by Trish Edwards on Feb 21, 2015

Rotary Club of Portsmouth Family Open House

Last Sunday, 22nd of February, the Rotary Club of Portsmouth held their first Family Open House at P.A.Y.S., Purple Turtle. The Open House was to enable people of the community to learn what projects our club has done and working on and what our Rotary club stands for.




BBQ chicken and a large variety of side dishes and juices were offered to all attending.


ImageA raffle was held with a prize of $100.00 EC which was won by a Cuban nurse working at the Portsmouth Hospital.





Music was provided by the Portsmouth band, “Heart Beat”, who donated their time for our event and provided a great show which was enjoyed by everyone. The band also provided a limbo stick that was well tested by many Rotary members and guests, creating a very fun environment.

Image  ImageImage






Rotarian Zoe and Arjun showed and helped the children to make very colorful and interesting face masks, materials provided by Rotarian Gregor.


ImageImageWe also had face painting done by our Rotary Friend Grethel Tavernier-Casrle, who also donated her wonderful talent.
Not only did the children enjoy this event but the adults did too.



ImageThe club also had a bouncy castle for the children to enjoy which was a great attraction.



ImageThroughout the area of the event, posters signs were placed showing the projects the club has accomplished and ones still being worked on. The poster signs were done by Signs Plus of Portsmouth.


The event was such a great success we believe this will become an annual event, thanks to all.


Family Open House @ PAYS - Purple Turtle Trish Edwards 2015-02-22 00:00:00Z 0

Open House at the Beach

Posted by Sari Prosper on Feb 11, 2015



On Sunday February 22 at 12 noon there will be a family-style open house at Purple Turtle Beach, with a bouncy castle, beach games and face painting for the kids. Plus there will be free BBQ chicken and other dishes and drinks. This event is hosted by the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.


Club members would like you to get to know them and the public service projects they are working on. Rotary is a nonsectarian organization with over 32,000 clubs world-wide and 1.2 million members of all races, creeds, and ethnicities doing valuable service in their communities. They aim to live up to the organization’s motto: Service Above Self.




Rotary Club of Portsmouth says:

Please join us for some fun at the beach on Sunday.


Open House at the Beach Sari Prosper 2015-02-12 00:00:00Z 0

3rd Thursday of the Month

Posted by John Hawley on Nov 19, 2014

Please note that this week’s Rotary meeting is not in Riverside Restaurant.


On every 3rd Thursday of the month we have the meeting at a location where we don’t have to buy a meal or snack. The money we save (set at $25 per person) goes to the treasurer and she saves it to pay for every club member over the year US$100 to the Rotary International Foundation.

The Foundation makes it possible to get international grants for bigger projects (like our emergency room project).  See here >>>


So this Thursday at 5:30 you are most welcome at the lower deck of Hotel The Champs (when coming into the restaurant just ask and they’ll show you where to go)

Members are encouraged to bring their own sandwich, snack, drink so they don’t have to buy anything. For those that don’t want to take that trouble, they can buy something at The Champs but they still have to pay their $25 for the Foundation – even stronger, even if member does not attend the 3rd Thursday meeting, they still have to pay their contribution J


For you as a guest, that does not apply. You only have to choose between bringing a snack or buying from the champs. Note: next month it will be at another members house or business place.


Hope all that is clear but feel free to ask questions.

3rd Thursday of the Month John Hawley 2014-11-20 00:00:00Z 0

New Home Family of 7 Marigot

Posted by John Hawley on Nov 05, 2014

New Home for Family of 7 in Marigot

Portsmouth's Rotary Club is giving support to a community project of the people of Paix Bouche.

During our club meeting early November we were visited by a delegation from Paix Bouche consisting of Mr. Alexis George, Ms. Magdalene John and Mr. Stephen John. They presented us a project they are currently working on.

A mother of 7 children in Marigot got paralyzed during childbirth. Together with several of her children she is living under un-human circumstances in a roof-sheet shack without any sanitary facilities. The Paix Bouche group has started to build a 3-bedroom "real" house for this family. The work has progressed to an advance level but to complete this project they need more donations in cash or kind.

Please watch the short video to get an impression of the shack and the house under construction. Although we endorse this project, currently our club has no funds available to directly allocate to this project so we are seeking the personal help of our club members and the general public.


If you can help in any way - what so ever - feel free to contact Mr. Alexis George at Cell 1767 235-5326 or email .    Your help will be highly appreciated!!!


New Home Family of 7 Marigot John Hawley 2014-11-06 00:00:00Z 0

Thank You Sponsors and Visitors of Sweet Jazz

Posted by Morrison Azille on Oct 31, 2014

Thank You!   Thank You!!     Thank You!!!

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth, DM with the help and support of Ross University School of Medicine and in cooperation with the Ministry of Health are undertaking an expansion and upgrade of the Emergency Room of the Portsmouth Hospital (Reginald F. Armour Hospital).
This video was prepared by the Audio Visual Department of Ross University to heart-fully thank all the sponsors and contributors to the major fundraiser for this project.

On Saturday September 13 a Sweet Jazz event was organized by the Rotary Club and held on the premises of Ross University.
The event was an absolute success and enabled the Rotary Club to start on the realization of this project.

With this video we thank all and everyone who contributed in any way to the success.



Thank You Sponsors and Visitors of Sweet Jazz Morrison Azille 2014-11-01 00:00:00Z 0

Distric Governor Elwin Visits Rotary Portsmouth

Posted by Matilda Carty on Oct 30, 2014

District Governor Elwin Visits Rotary Portsmouth

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth was graced with the presence of District Governor Elwin Atmodimedjo accompanied by his wife Maureene, on Thursday 30th October 2014.


Assistant Governor Haynes Jacob welcomed the District Governor and President Morrison Azille introduced himself, followed by the members that were present and gave their classifications and positions in the board of our Rotary Club.


A brief update on the club's activities was presented by Rotarian Morrison and a short 5 minutes video was shown on The Emergency Room upgrade of  the Portsmouth Hospital. Pesident Morrison also outlined the different projects that the club focuses on namely, The Portsmouth Hospital, Calibishie Sanitation, Salybia bus stop, early literacy and free library.


Next Rotarian Stewart Paris gave more details on The Emergency Room and The Calibishie Sanitation projects and answered questions of DG Elwin and others present.


The District Governor congratulated the club on a job well done. He highlighted activities that are related to a successful club, Rotary days, Membership Development and the Rotary Foundation.  He encourages the club and members individually to give to the Foundation and went on to explain why this is so important for future funding of projects both through grants of the Foundation and financial support by the District.


Then the meeting moved to the Portsmouth Hospital where a tour of the current Emergency Room was given to the District Governor. Rotarian Stewart explained the detailed drawing of the room as is and how it will be when the upgrade and extension is done.


The meeting ended by taking a group photo with all making the hand gesture that indicates "We Are This Close" to show how close Rotary International and its partners are in eradicating polio form the world.


Distric Governor Elwin Visits Rotary Portsmouth Matilda Carty 2014-10-31 00:00:00Z 0

Press Release after Sweet Jazz Fundraiser

Posted on Sep 17, 2014


Image(Portsmouth, September 18th 2014)  The renovation and re-equipping of the Portsmouth Hospital Emergency Room is closer to becoming a reality following the successful staging of Sweet Jazz at the Ross University Annex in Picard Saturday Sept 13.  The fundraiser, organized by the Rotary Club of Portsmouth in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Ross University and the Portsmouth Hospital, raised in excess of EC$70,000. This project, which will improve the quality of care for all persons needing emergency services in the Northern Health District, is one of many projects being coordinated by the Rotary Club of Portsmouth. 

Press Release after Sweet Jazz Fundraiser Gregor Nassief 2014-09-18 00:00:00Z 0

Sweet Jazz Fundraiser Sept 13, 2014

Posted by Gregor Nassief on Aug 18, 2014

Roaring 20's to Build Hospital Emergency Room

ImageThis coming September 13th at 8 PM, Rotary Club of Portsmouth will be holding their first Sweet Jazz fundraiser event at the Ross University Annex in Picard.

This very special event is to raise funds to renovate the Portsmouth Hospital Emergency Room.

The evening is filled with some of Dominica’s great entertainment talent; Michelle Henderson and The Band, Breve, 8th Note Jazz Band, DJ Rae and B-Free Crew and M.C.’d by Antoinette Mora.

The event will take place under the “Tent” decorated in the theme of the “Roaring Flapper 20’s”, being the theme of the evening, with dress optional.

There is a limited VIP section with personal service and food to match the refined seating. A VIP table of 10 can be purchased for $1,100 EC or a seating for $150 EC. Regular tickets are being sold without seating for $65 EC with some seating provided, along with high-top tables throughout the tent. Tickets can be purchased in Picard, Portsmouth at Tomato, Cobra Tours and The Champs. On Ross campus, at Kathryne’s, Pic N’ Go and in Roseau, Jay’s and Bullseye Pharmacy.

Food and beverage tickets will be sold at the event for $5 EC.

So far, we have had tremendous support from sponsors; Ross University School of Medicine, E.H.Charles, Domlec, Kootney Resorts, Scotia Bank, Pic N’ Go, Lime, Avies Villas, Jays, Tomato, Fort Young, Cobra Tours, Bullseye Pharmacy, Astaphans & Co, NBD and EMS.
The beautiful poster was designed free-of-charge by Abolo Technologies.








Image     Image






Sweet Jazz Fundraiser Sept 13, 2014 Gregor Nassief 2014-08-19 00:00:00Z 0

Installation of New Board

Posted by Trish Edwards on Jul 30, 2014


ImageThe Rotary Club of Portsmouth  presented its  new President and Board members for 2014-15 at The Champs in Picard on July 31st.  The Honorable Ian Douglas was present to witness this event along with visiting Rotarians from the Rotary Club Dominica.

The ceremony began with an opening pray followed by a welcome from the Chairperson, Rotarian Andre.  Our acting Past President,  Rotarian Lise made an address, outlining the Rotary Club of Portsmouth history and what the club has accomplished in their 3 years of existence.

The new President, Rotarian Morrison was sworn in by Rotary Assistant District Governor, AG Haynes, and place the Rotarian pins on the new President and new Board members.

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth New Board Members for 2014-15 are:

  • Morrison Azille, PresidentImage
  • Lise van de Kamp,
    Vice President
  • Matilda Carty, Secretary
  • Trish Edwards, Treasurer
  • Gregor Nassief,
    Projects Chair
  • Hans Schilders, PR Chair
  • John Hawley, Foundations Chair
  • Catherine Joseph Karam, Membership Chair
Installation of New Board Trish Edwards 2014-07-31 00:00:00Z 0

Lucky Draw Summer Raffle 2014

Posted by Shirley St. Jean on Jul 30, 2014


The Rotary Club of Portsmouth held its Annual Raffle at The Champs Restaurant in Picard on July 31st.  This marks the kick-off to the fund raising drive towards an upgraded emergency room at the Portsmouth Hospital.  A new an improved emergency facility will result in better care and improved outcomes for patients.  

ImageAs a result from many generous donations from sponsors, the Rotary Club was able to garner cheers from the crowds with drawings and giveaways which added an air of excitement to the event. The audience contributed generously to the Club and brought them one step closer to achieving their donation goal.

The following sponsors helped make the Rotary Club Summer Raffle a success:

Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino, Winair, Secret Bay Resort, Rosalie Bay Resort, Fort Young Hotel, Hotel The  Champs, Trinity Taxi Service, Lobster Palace Restaurant (Sunset Bay), Dominica Marine Center, Romance Cafe, Tomato Restaurant, Lindy Advance Massage, Jewelers International, Whitchurch Portsmouth /(IGA), Cobra Tours & Yacht Service and Kathryne's Restaurant.

ImageTowards the end of the evening all the excitement turned towards the stage as we were about to announce the Big Draw. The Rotary Club of Portsmouth was proud to announce the Lucky Winner Lovepreet Singh, a student at Ross University School of Medicine. He will enjoy a trip for two plus airfare and 3 nights all inclusive at the Sonesta Maho Hotel in St.Maarten.

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth would like to thank everyone who contributed by buying raffle tickets and/or donated towards a great cause and for making this event a success. The Rotary club's goal was met! 



Lucky Draw Summer Raffle 2014 Shirley St. Jean 2014-07-31 00:00:00Z 0

Introduction of two new members

Posted by Shirley St. Jean on Jul 30, 2014


Rotary Portsmouth Proudly Introduced 2 New Members

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth proudly introduced two new members to its club on the evening of July 31st at The Champs Restaurant in Picard. The club's membership Chair, Catherine Joseph Karam  welcomed Mrs. Marvlyn Valentine  and Dr. Jennifer Swaim as the newest members to its club. Rotarian Catherine read their citations and oaths and they "pinned" by Rotary Assistant District Governor, AG Hayes.
New Rotarians Marvlyn and Jennifer were cheered and congratulated  by all.

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth welcomes Rotarian Marvlyn and Rotarian Jennifer as valuable members to the club and is proud to have them on board.  We're looking forward to a productive year. Welcome Aboard! 

August is membership month so come see what The Portsmouth Rotary Club is all about and what it represents. Our members value giving back to their community and are active in support of Rotary goals.

We meet every Thursdays @ 5:30 pm in Riverside Restaurant in Picard. Be part of your community and Dominica!
For more info contact us at 

Introduction of two new members Shirley St. Jean 2014-07-31 00:00:00Z 0

Early Bird Prize July 24

Posted by Lise van de Kamp on Jul 23, 2014


ImageRotary's Summer Raffle had 3 Early Bird Prizes this year.
The first winner has already spent her $100 shopping voucher at IGA/Whithchurch.
The second winner will go with Cobra on a boat trip on the Indian River and today we announce winner 3.

The third Early Bird Prize is an eighty dollar gift certificate for a yammie meal at Kathryne's Restaurant sponsored by owner and Rotarian Catherine. The lucky winner is Zoe Brett.

We have contacted Zoe and she will come to collect her prize as soon as she is back on island.

ImageDon't forget. She can still win the big prize, a free holiday to St Maarten or any of the 4 2-Night stays at Dominica's top hotels.

Would you like to be a winner???
GET YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS NOW and have a chance to win the FREE Holidays or - if you come to the draw event on July 31st at The Champs, Picard - any of the many Draw Evening Prizes.

You get a lot of chances to win for your EC$10 and YOU SUPPORT THE NEW EMERGENCY ROOM of the PORTSMOUTH HOSPITAL, the challenging project of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.

Buy your tickets from the members of the Portsmouth Rotary Club

or CLICK HERE to buy on-line NOW.

Early Bird Prize July 24 Lise van de Kamp 2014-07-24 00:00:00Z 0

Early Bird Prize July 17

Posted by Lise van de Kamp on Jul 16, 2014


ImageRotary's Summer Raffle has 3 Early Bird Prizes this year.
Last week we had the first winner - she already collected her prize and maybe she has already spent her $100 shopping voucher at IGA/Whithchurch.

This week we have winner number 2.
The second Early Bird Prize was drawn on at our weekly club meeting and we have a winner of a boat trip for two on the Indian River with a complimentary drink in the Bush Bar. This prize is sponsored by Cobra Tours & Yachting Services.
The lucky winner is Dr. John Paganotti.

John, please contact Lise van de Kamp of The Champs at 616-3001 to collect your prize.

ImageAnd don't forget. He can still win the big prize, a free holiday to St Maarten or any of the 4 2-Night stays at Dominica's top hotels.

Would you like to be a winner???
GET YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS NOW and have a chance to win next week's Early Bird Prize, the FREE Holidays or - if you come to the draw event on July 31st at The Champs, Picard - any of the many Draw Evening Prizes.

You get a lot of chances to win for your EC$10 and YOU SUPPORT THE NEW EMERGENCY ROOM of the PORTSMOUTH HOSPITAL, the challenging project of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.

Buy your tickets from the members of the Portsmouth Rotary Club

or CLICK HERE to buy on-line NOW.



Early Bird Prize July 17 Lise van de Kamp 2014-07-17 00:00:00Z 0

Early Bird Prize July 11

Posted by Lise van de Kamp on Jul 10, 2014


ImageThis Year's Summer Raffle comes with a special feature: We have 3 Early Bird Prizes.

The first Early Bird Prize was drawn on Friday July 11th and we have a winner of a 100 Dollar Shopping Voucher at IGA Whithchurch, Picard.
The lucky winner is Sheba Dumas.

Sheba, please contact the person you bought the ticket from or call Lise van de Kamp at 616-3001 to collect your prize.

ImageNow, is she done with her ticket? No! She can still win the big prize, a free holiday to St Maarten or any of the 4 2-Night stays at Dominica's top hotels.

She can even win one or two of the upcoming Early Bird Prizes which will be drawn on Thursday July 17 and July 24.
GET YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS NOW and have a chance to win the Early Bird Prizes, the FREE Holidays or - if you come to the draw event on July 31 at The Champs, Picard - any of the many Draw Evening Prizes.

You get a lot of chances to win for your EC$10 and YOU SUPPORT THE NEW EMERGENCY ROOM of the Portsmouth Hospital, the challenging project of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, DM.

ImageBuy your tickets from the members of the Portsmouth Rotary Club

or CLICK HERE to buy on-line NOW.

Early Bird Prize July 11 Lise van de Kamp 2014-07-11 00:00:00Z 0

Summer Holiday Raffle 2014

Posted by Shirley St. Jean on Jul 08, 2014

Amazing Raffle Prizes

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Dominica is hosting a summer raffle to be drawn on July 31st 2014 @ Restaurant The Champs in Picard. This is a fundraising event for a new emergency room at the R.F.A Hospital of Portsmouth. As we all know the hospital in Portsmouth can use a "face lift!" to improve the general level of care it can provide.

New Emergency RoomWith the cooperation and help of Ross University, Rotary Clubs from the USA and Europe and the Rotary Foundation we hope to get the budget together to realize this goal, but first of all the Rotary Club of Portsmouth needs your help and support to raise their share of $$$.

Yes, we need your help! It's your town, your country, your Dominica. Let's make a difference!

For just EC$10 per ticket we are giving away the most amazing prizes listed below:

- Three (3) Early Bird Prizes, one each on July 10th, 17th, & 24th

Image- $100.00 Shopping Spree @ IGA Whitchurch, Picard (won by Sheba Dumas)

- Cobra Tours: Indian River Trip for 2 with free drink in Bush Bar

- Dinner for 2 @ Riverside Restaurant, Picard

If you win an Early Bird Prize your ticket stays in the draw. Image

- Lots of Draw Evening Prizes – only for those who are at the Draw Event of July 31st

- Trinity Taxi: $50.00 taxi service in Picard area

- Trinity Taxi: airport ride (pick-up or drop off )

Image- Kathryne's Restaurant, Picard: restaurant voucher

- Lime: 3 months free internet service

- Jewelers International: Surprise Prize

Image- Dominica Marine Center: 1 complete snorkel set

- Lindy's Beauty Center: 1 Chocolate Body Scrub

Our 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Prize will take you 2 nights to some of Dominica's most exclusive hotels:

- Secret Bay,

- Rosalie Bay,

- Fort Young,

- The Champs.

And our 1st prize will blow your mind!

With the highly appreciated help of these sponsor we can give awayImage

- A FREE stay for 2 persons for 3 days on St Maarten - all inclusive!!!

- 2 return tickets from Winair to St. Maarten (airport taxes not included)

Image- 3 Nights all inclusive @ the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino, Sint Maarten


Get your EC$10 tickets now. Get lots of them to win all these prizes.
Ask any member of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth or get them at Kathryne's Restaurant, M&R Trading, Cobra Tours or The Champs, Picard.

No time to go out there? Buy your tickets ON-LINE!!
ImageWe accept Visa and Mastercard plus you can pay with your PayPal account. We will send your scanned tickets by email.
Don't feel sure about this on-line thing? Call +1767-616-3002, email to or leave a personal message on our Facebook page.

ANYONE, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD can now win some of these great prizes and support the Emergency Room Project for the Portsmouth Hospital.

Use the Buy Now button below to buy your raffle tickets online. You don't need a PayPal account, any credit card is fine.


Come to the July 31st Grand Drawing to win the big SXM prize plus some of the event prizes.
Join us @ The Champs, Picard on Thursday 31/7 from 7pm for a night of fun and Rotary sup

Click image for Sonesta Maho website.


Summer Holiday Raffle 2014 Shirley St. Jean 2014-07-09 00:00:00Z 0

Toucarie Bay Lighting

Posted by Shirley St. Jean on Jun 29, 2014


ImageImageThe Rotary Club of Portsmouth has finished another project; lighting for the Toucarie Bay BBQ area which was also installed by the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.

Mr. Angus Edwards assisted the Club by designing, constructing and installing the 4 lights on 2 poles.  The first phase of installation for the base of the poles were done on the 26th of May with the second phase of installing the light fixtures and poles on the 30th of May.

Mr. Edwards received assistance for the installation from several residents Toucarie.

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth would like to thank Mr. Edwards and the residents of Toucarie for their help and assistance.



Toucarie Bay Lighting Shirley St. Jean 2014-06-30 00:00:00Z 0

Thank You! Merci!

Posted by Hans Schilders on Jun 29, 2014

A Word of Farewell from the Departing District Governor

Dear Rotarians in District 7030

Today is my last day as governor of our district. I was honored to work with you and to represent our district. We have one of the best districts in the Rotary world.

It has been a pleasure to visit all the countries, support all projects you presented to me and shared with all of you and your family. It was also wonderful to put in place a District Manuel of Procédures both for Rotary and Rotaract. I'm very proud of our district.

I have been appointed to serve next year as the chair of the District Training Committee and Chair of the District Governor Nominating Committee for our District. These will be great opportunities to be involved in areas where I have interests.

I wish Elwin Atmodimedjo the very best as our new governor. He will represent us well, and I hope you support Elwin, as you have me.

Best wishes in all you do, and please continue to light up Rotary in our district.

Hervé Honore

Governor 2013-2014  - Incoming Past District Governor
District 7030


Thank You! Merci! Hans Schilders 2014-06-30 00:00:00Z 0

Farewell to President Dan and Rotarian Brenda

Posted by Jeannie Light on May 14, 2014

Thank You President Dan and Rotarian Brenda

DanIt was a surprise to all of us, as much as to themselves. Due to a change in work assignment, Pastor Dan Hopkins and his wife Brenda have gone back to the USA.  It was with much sadness that we bid them farewell at a recent meeting. Because the change was unexpected and came on short notice, we could only manage a quickly arranged farewell during our regular club meeting.  Nevertheless, our thanks for the great work of the club's founder is mega big.

Here are some pictures of the meeting and the text of a poem that Rotarian Jeannie wrote.  It is followed by a short word of "Past" President Dan. One more time: Dan and Brenda:  Thank you so very much for taking the initiative to start the Portsmouth Club. Without your drive and energy this club would not exist and surely not have grown to become the accomplished club that it is.  We owe you both so very much.  THANK YOU!!!

 Pastor Dan and BrendaImage

There once was a pastor named Dan
Who was a righteous & religious young man
With Brenda by his side
They traveled the world far and wide
Spreading the word to all of their clan

They arrived in Dominica one day
And for a long time they did stay
Doing for the better good
Among the Dominican brotherhood
Where they would play and pray

And so it soon came to be
That a club called Rotary
Was established by Dan in the North
And all good things did spill forthImage
Along the beautiful Caribbean Sea

Road signs and wheel chairs
BBQs and fund-raising fairs
A young boy’s prosthetic eye
And many toilets yet to buy
And everything done with a flair

We thank you for all that you’ve done
It’s been educational and fun
And as you can tell
We wish you both well
You both are second to none

As you continue your good deeds
Serving mankind and its needs
Wherever you may go
We want you both to know
That we wish you love and Godspeed



It has truly been a pleasure to work with the members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.  Brenda and I will miss you and Dominica. 
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve as President for more than two years and help forge the direction of the club.  We have achieved much and all of us should proud of our accomplishments. 
We will not forget our time with you.

Dan Hopkins
Past President, Rotary Club of Dominica

Farewell to President Dan and Rotarian Brenda Jeannie Light 2014-05-15 00:00:00Z 0

District Conference in Martinique, April 2014

Posted by Hans Schilders on Apr 19, 2014

Portsmouth Rotary at the District Conference

Rotary Club of Portsmouth is part of district 7030, ranging from Guyana to Antigua. Being the youngest club in the area we were proud to have a 7 person representation at this year's district conference held in Martinique.

ImageNext to Rotarians Morrison (incoming president) and Matilda (incoming secretary) also Rotarians Catherine, Annick, Lise and Hans were there together with Rotary-Anne Alexis.
Morrison and Matilda arrived first for their 2 days training as incoming president and secretary with the others joining them for the conference.

On Wednesday night there was an informal get-together labeled as "culture night" and the Rotary Club of Dominica (Roseau) surprised all attendants with a Dominica song that did not sound too bad at all ;-). We found out on this first evening that our French hosts were building in special "theme" for the meeting – we called it "where is the bus?".

On Thursday the training continued and for the evening we were invited to the official opening of the conference by the District Governor Herve Honoré and the special representative of Rotary International's President Ron Burton. Because Martinique is French, we were treated to no less than real French champagne, red wine and local rum and lots of snacks after listening to all the speeches and the flag ceremony of all 14 countries in the district.

Friday was a full day of presentations on various Rotary subjects and projects and after freshening up we were split into 5 groups, each going to a different "Home Hospitality" event organized by the various Rotary clubs on the island. We were very pleased with the evening in which we participated.

ImageThe real die-hards had a chance to listen to some more presentations on the Saturday morning ending with a cultural show of Suriname, the country that will host next year's conference. Saturday afternoon was time to relax and get ready for the closing ceremony which took place at a special venue and ended with a performance of one of the best bands of the Caribbean, Kassav featuring Jean-Paul.

Loaded with the new knowledge and lots of new Rotary friends, we boarded the ferry back to Dominica on Sunday. We are ready for a new Rotary year and looking forward to Suriname in April 2015.


District Conference in Martinique, April 2014 Hans Schilders 2014-04-20 00:00:00Z 0

Calibishi Sanitation Pilot

Posted by Gregor Nassief on Apr 07, 2014

Calibishi Sanitation Project

In late 2013, Rotary Club of Portsmouth made the decision to do a sanitation project in Calibishi for 50 of their residents who did not have bathroom facilities using Stewco Construction for the installation.

In February, 2014, the Club started with 2 as a pilot to fine tune the construction process and any challenges not foreseen.

The septic tanks and soak-away were first constructed and then the pvc piping installed in the home and connected to the septic tanks.

A toilet, face basin and shower were installed to complete the bathroom.

The Honorable Prime Minister Skerrit, announced at our weekly meeting, 3 April 2014 that the government will support our project with a donation of $260,000 for the materials. Rotary Club of Portsmouth will fund the installation.

Image    Image   Image

No. 1 Louisa Warrington recipient of the first sanitation assistance

No. 2 Septic tank was completed by building covers and installing to a preexisting incomplete tank

No. 3 Pipe works supplied by Rotary Club of Portsmouth. Plumbing done by Charlie Marie of Calibishie paid for by Rotary

Calibishi Sanitation Pilot Gregor Nassief 2014-04-08 00:00:00Z 0

Prime Minister Visits Rotary Club of Portsmouth

Posted by PR Contact DA Vibes News on Apr 07, 2014

With compliments to the online news site Dominica Vibes we took the liberty of copying the text of the article they made based on the info we provided them. 

Government pledges support to Rotary Club of Portsmouth

April 8, 2014 - By Dominica Vibes News

The Dominica Government has pledged assistance of over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to the Rotary Club of Portsmouth for its sanitation program in Calibishie.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit gave that commitment during his visit at the Rotary Club of Portsmouth’s weekly meeting on April 3, 2014.

Mr Skerrit informed the Club that the government is prepared to support its sanitation project by providing the necessary materials which will cost about EC$260,000.
“With regards to the sanitation project, we are prepared to assist…the government is prepared to partner with you with the fifty people you have identified in Calibishie and we are ready to start as soon as you are ready”.
Through this program, which will be undertaken by Rotarians, fifty Calibishie residents will be assisted with improving their home sanitation.

The Prime Minister also congratulated the Club on its many projects specifically its beautification campaign dubbed ‘Keep Dominica Beautiful’.
He indicated that he will be purchasing some of the signs for his own constituency – the Vieille Case constituency.

Moreover, he challenged the Rotary Club of Portsmouth to look at projects which are especially important to him such as early childhood development and mentoring.
A project such as this one would include teaching of basic reading and writing skills, mentoring children in need of additional tutoring in areas like remedial reading and supplying teaching and learning materials for schools.

He further advised the Club to consider raising the public’s awareness regarding care of the elderly, drug trafficking and prevention as well as chronic non-communicable diseases.
He however asked that the mentorship programme be given priority.

“If you can do one of all what I have mentioned it would be the mentorship programme, because I visited the secondary school yesterday and our students need guidance, we cannot be too busy, we have to leave the office at 3 and say the next hour is for somebody,” he said.
This would mean a lot to the family and the students who would be benefitting from at least one hour spent with them he added.

“These little things we do can mean more sometimes than building a new school [or] even building a new road because that’s one life that could have been wasted otherwise that we have gotten back onto the main street.”

The Club welcomed the Prime Minister’s suggestions which will be discussed further at its meetings.

“This commitment from the government will help facilitate the Club’s request for funding from Rotary International,” the Club said of the assistance to its sanitation program.

Text by Dominica Vibes News

Please have a look at the Photo Album: PM Visits Rotary Portsmouth

Prime Minister Visits Rotary Club of Portsmouth PR Contact DA Vibes News 2014-04-08 00:00:00Z 0

Jovannie's Prosthetic Eye

Posted by Annick Giraud on Apr 01, 2014

Jovannie Daniel's Prosthetic Eye

ImageIn January, 2014, Rotarian Annick Giraud approached the Rotary Club Portsmouth with a story of a little boy she knew in the Cottage village who was in need of a prosthetic eye due to a cyst on the back of his eye.

Through our club, we raised $2,323.50 from our members and received donations from Sunset Bay Club in Calibistri and Robin Foley of Rotary eClub for South East American and the Caribbean, making a total donation of $3,357.50 which was paid to Dr. Reyaz Khan in Trinidad for the prosthetic eye and placement.

ImageThe Rotary Club of Trinidad, through Lara Quentrall-Thomas, PDG, provided the funds needed for the hotel stay and Roy St Claire of Trinity Taxi Service operating out of Glanvillia, Dominica provided free transportation for the family, to and from the airport.

On April 1, 2014, Gregor Nassief,(Rotary Club Portsmouth  Projects Director), and Dr. Shillingford-Rickets, (Jovannie’s doctor), received an email from Dr. Reyaz Khan in Trinidad providing an update and pictures of Jovannie after the eye implant.

“Dear Dr. Shillingford-Ricketts,

Jovannie Daniel was fitted with his prosthetic eye on Wednesday 26th March, 2014. His prosthetic eye is comfortable, centered well and the colour match is good. Please refer to the following pictures for an update.

Image  Image

His right upper lid is expected to raise slightly in coming month. Thereby, improving symmetry between right and left.

I am hoping to see him in approximately six months(within 12 month service period), to do further refinements in fitting the prosthetic eye.

 Thank you.

 Yours Respectfully,

 Reyaz khan

Optician/ Ocularist”


Jovannie's Prosthetic Eye Annick Giraud 2014-04-02 00:00:00Z 0

Portsmouth Rotary Gets Public Image Citation

Posted by Hans Schilders on Mar 16, 2014

PR Recognition for Portsmouth Club

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth is still fairly young but in our short live we've been very active with public relations and promotions. Press articles got published, (bi-)monthly eBulletins go out to a growing group of recipients, weekly posts on our Facebook page get twittered on automatically to followers etc etc.

All that activity has not gone unnoticed at the district level and we were challenged to do some extra public image actions so that we could receive recognition in the form of a Public Image Citation from the zone 34 PR Coordinator.

One last thing was to promote a Rotary International produced video about the fight against polio; a battle that we are almost winning. We are "so close".
We used a boosted (paid) post on Facebook and were able to bring the video to the attention of some 4000 Dominican facebookers. And today you also see that video on the home page of our website and in the eBulletin of April 2014. Watch world leaders and celebrities confirm how close we are ;-)

Oh yeah, we did get that recognition. Here is the text of the email we received on March 17:

Dear President,
Congratulations to you and the Rotary Club of Portsmouth (D7030) for achieving the recognition of being a recipient of the 2013-14 Public Image Citation.
Yours in Rotary Service,
C.H. G., PDG
Rotary Public Image Coordinator - Zone 34

World's Biggest Commercial from Rotary International on Vimeo.


Portsmouth Rotary Gets Public Image Citation Hans Schilders 2014-03-17 00:00:00Z 0

Update On Current Projects

Posted by Gregor Nassief on Mar 06, 2014


ImageSalybia Bus Stop& Shelter (Project Coordinator Dan Hopkins)

The project is finally on its way!  Work began on Monday February 17th with the assistance of 9 persons from UKSD (U.K. Soccer Development), a non-profit based out of Massachusetts working with President Dan and other Rotary members.

ImageCalibishe Sanitation Project(Project Coordinator Annick Giraud)

The Calibishe Sanitation project is the club’s largest potential project and would bring toilet facilities to 50+ residents of Calibishe at a cost of ec$200,000+. Visits have already been made and the club is committed to the project. Meanwhile, residents Louisa Warrington and Laura Shillingford, whom we visited and are included in the 50+ persons requiring facilities, would require funding of ec$2,760 and ec$8,349 respectively to bring facilities to their homes.  $2,500 has been approved to proceed with sanitation facilities for Louisa Washington.  Ezra has visited her home to determine material requirements and we should begin this work within the next few weeks. Labor is expected to be contributed from the area.  Rotarians Annick and Ezra have been the key persons pushing this project forward.

ImagePortsmouth Emergency Room Project (Project Coordinator Michael Light)

The Portsmouth Emergency Room Project would essentially provide a redesign of the current facility inclusive of new equipment to significantly improve the level of healthcare provided.  The project is now expected to cost approximately us$65,000.  The Ministry of Health has given the green light for the project and President Dan is in conversations with overseas clubs for funding.  Rotarian Michael Light has been the key person on the design and technical aspects of the new Emergency Room.

ImageRoad Sign Project: Do Not Litter – Continuation (Project Coordinator Ezra Fabien)

There are currently 2 – 3 ‘gaps’ in the current run of signs between One Mile and St. Joseph, and also the need to have at least 1 - 2 signs going towards the Cabrits and possibly Savanne Paille. The next step is to mark the potential new areas and then to formalize agreements with sponsors and have the frames and signs made.

ImageRoad Sign Project: Dangerous Bend (Project Coordinator Ezra Fabien)

The club has completed the installation of 5 signs at the first of two dangerous corners coming down MorneEspagnol before you get to Tibay, where there have been numerous accidents. There has been a suggestion that 1 – 2 additional signs be placed around the corner.  Also, there is the 2nd corner still outstanding to complete.

ImageGive More Hugs – School Supply Distribution (Project Coordinator Trish Edwards)

Give More Hugs and Rotary have completed the distribution of school supplies to 4 schools: Salybia, Sineku, CALLS and Light In.  Trish worked with Dan, John, Lies, Mathilda and others to make it happen.  Great job to all involved

ImageToucarieBarbecue &Lights Project (Project Coordinator Annick Giraud)

Hans visited the area and gave a sketch of where and how the lights could be installed. However, to date we have not been able to locate the correct solar lighting system.  Also, signs are required for the existing barbecue grills at Rotary (for public use, and sponsored by rotary).



I am Dominica Book Project (Project Coordinator Dan Hopkins)

I Am DomImageinica /MwenséDonmnik is a recently published poetic tribute to Dominica targeted to children six years and older.  Using a gentle, kid-friendly vocabulary, the book addresses the need for children to understand theirnatural and cultural environments as well as the importance of identity. Rotary purchased 55 books and on Tuesday, 10 December 2013 distributed them to 9 elementary schools:  Colihaut, DuBlanc, Portsmouth, Ans De Mai, Bense, Calabishi, Woodford Hill, Wesley & Margot. Rotarians Dan Hopkins, Brenda Hopkins, Bree Reynolds and author Mara Manley were on hand for the event.


ImageWheel Chair Project (Project Coordinator Trish Edwards and Annick Giraud)

On Thursday February 13th 2014the Rotary Club of Portsmouth held ceremony and wheelchairs were donated to the following persons:  Mr. Lynn George (Vieille Case), MrsAlexina Williams (Vieille Case), Leela Charles (Dos d'Ane), Levie Celestine (Calibishie), Margaretha Douglas (Toucarie), Gerald Vital (Calibishie).  One was also given to the Calibishie Health Centre, and three were allocated for Salybia.

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Presentation Wheelchairs

Posted by Daniel Hopkins on Feb 12, 2014

Wheelchairs Presented to Citizens of the North

Rotary Club of Portsmouth held a special meeting, Thursday, 13th February 2014, at Indian River Tourism Center Conference Room to present wheelchairs to seven recipients.


The meeting started with President Dan Hopkins welcoming the recipients, guests, fellow Rotarians and the media. This was followed by Rotarian John Hawley giving the invocation.

Rotarian Gregor Nassief then outlined 3 of the many projects Rotary Club Portsmouth is working on.
First mentioned was the bus shelter to be built at Salybia to protect persons visiting the health clinic there from the weather.
Rotarian Gregor then gave details of the project, which has received the approval of the Ministry of Health, involving the renovation of the Emergency Room wing at Portsmouth Hospital which will provide 2 additional beds, bathroom facilities as well as specialized E.R. equipment.
The third project reported on, which is currently in progress, is the installation of 50 toilets with septic tanks in 50 homes in Calibishie.

ImageOur guest speaker, Mrs. Natalie Murphy, Executive Director of the Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities, (DAPD), spoke of the tremendous need in Dominica for wheelchairs and thanked Rotary Club Portsmouth for supplying these to disabled citizens in the north. Mrs. Murphy expressed her concern about Dominica not being “disability friendly”, thus not allowing the disabled to get around with ease in their wheelchairs, and emphasized that Dominica needs to become an environment that is friendly to all disabilities.

President Dan explained to the audience that the wheelchairs were given to us by Rotary Club Dominica who received a large donation of wheelchairs from Wheelchair International. Rotarian Sammy of Rotary Club Dominica was present representing his club.

Rotarian Annick Giraud introduced the recipients, or their representatives:

·         Claudia George au Dain representing Mr. Lynn George of Vieille Case;

·         Charlotte Joseph representing Mrs. Alexina Williams of Vieille Case;

·         Delanie Joseph representing Leela Charles of Dos d’Ane;

·         Melanese George representing Levie Celestine of Calabishi;

·         John Peters representing Calibishi Health Center;

·         Margaretha Douglas of Toucarie;

·         Cecil Douglas prepresenting Gerald Vital of Calabishie and

·         Rotarian Dan Hopkins receiving 3 wheelchairs for the Salybia community.

President Dan then introduced the “U.K. Soccer Development”, group from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, a surprise attendance at the meeting. The founder, Lee Docherty, who is originally from the UK, moved to Boston 9 years ago and started the youth club 4 years later. They are a nonprofit soccer company that provides free of charge soccer coaching clinics and leagues to young people throughout their local community.  They use their clinics as a way to educate about real world issues such as, homelessness, hunger, substance abuse and living a healthy lifestyle.


Their mission is to not only teach the youth to play soccer but also to get them involved in group activities and to learn leadership skills. Mr. Docherty is visiting Dominica together with some of the youth from the Boston club. “U.K. Soccer Development” is in Dominica to donate 3 barrels full of soccer equipment to various schools and also CALLS Center in Portsmouth.

On Monday, the group from Boston will be assisting Rotary Club Portsmouth dig the foundation, lay steel, and mix and pour the concrete for the bus shelter in Salybia. To learn more about this organization visit:

140213 Wheel Chair Presentation mix w Photos from Rotary Club of Portsmouth, DM on Vimeo.



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Jovannie's Prosthetic Eye

Posted by Annick Giraud on Feb 05, 2014

Prosthesis Needed for 9 year old

It was brought to our attention, by Rotarian Annick Giraud that a 9 year old boy, Jovannie Daniel of Cottage, was in need of a prosthetic eye.

After having surgery performed by Dr. Shillingford Ricketts in Roseau to remove a tumor at the back of his eye, it is now necessary for Jovannie to travel to Trinidad for a prosthetic glass eye at Precise Prosthetics Ltd. The cost of the prosthesis and fitting is $4,300 EC with a further cost for travelling and lodgings.

ImageAt our last meeting, Jovannie and his father were introduced to Rotary Club Portsmouth and Rotarians, guests and our guest speaker donated $943.50 EC towards these expenses. Thank you to all!

Rotary Club Portsmouth is asking anyone who is able, to make donations through the Rotary Club Portsmouth so that we can successfully assist Jovannie in his need.

Please contact President Dan Hopkins at
Jovannie's Prosthetic Eye Annick Giraud 2014-02-06 00:00:00Z 0

Why Should I Become A Rotarian?

Posted by Hans Schilders on Feb 05, 2014

Would you like to make a difference?

Being a member of Rotary helps you develop leadership, public speaking, social and vocational skills as well as improve your cultural and community awareness. When you are involved in the club and the club’s projects, you will notice a marked improvement in confidence and skills such as event management, organization, time management, teamwork and leadership.

You Are The Missing PieceSince members come from all walks of life, the networking possibilities are endless and members are able to assist one another in various business opportunities.

The weekly dinner meetings are a lot of fun with a great sense of fellowship. The meetings are full of community and project information coming from guest speakers and project discussions.

Rotary is a service organization helping to solve the needs in our communities, catering for the young to the elderly through environmental development. Rotary is all about people and helping to make a difference.

Would you like to make a difference?

Become a member of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth! Contact us by email at or leave a message on our Facebook page

Join Us !

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Why I Am A Rotarian – by Trish Edwards

Posted by Trish Edwards on Jan 28, 2014

I’m proud to be a Rotarian!

When I was first asked to join Rotary Portsmouth early last year, I had some reservations. From experience, I had found that a lot of clubs are just, “get togethers”, and not too much of importance is achieved or community/people helped.

I’m very happy and proud to say that the Rotary Club of Portsmouth stands up to the challenge of the community needs and development with the projects accomplished and the projects still being worked on. The projects completed to date are Don’t Litter Road Signs, Dangerous Corner Road Signs and the Toucarie Beach W.N.T. Recreational Area.

Rotarian Trish 'hands-on'We are currently working on completing a bus stand at Salybia, redesigning the Portsmouth Hospital Emergency wing and installing private indoor bathroom facilities for selected Calabishie residents. We have also worked with HUGGS International from the United States to help distribute educational supplies to 4 schools in the north. In addition Rotary Portsmouth has donated 50 copies of "I Am Dominica", created by Dominican author, Mara Manley, to various schools.

Being in Rotary Portsmouth has heightened my community awareness through the projects of the club, guest speakers and the interests and expertise of fellow Rotarians.

Not only does the club step up to the plate, our work is done with genuine love and concern and the “desire” to help the community and the people.

Thank you, my fellow Rotarians, for keeping and instilling responsible humanity.  I’m proud to be a Rotarian!

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Portsmouth Hospital Emergency Room Project

Posted by Michael Light on Jan 28, 2014

An ambitious project is taking shape

Re-Design for Emergency Room V1The Portsmouth Hospital Emergency Room is not up to standards of the 21st century and for a city developing into the country's major tourist area it is not a good business card to present. A new and ambitious project of the Rotary Club would essentially provide a redesign of the current facility inclusive of equipment.

The project is now expected to exceed $175,000 (to be confirmed) and our club should thus apply for global funding by Rotary International. This can be obtained if we cooperate with one or more Rotary clubs in other countries.

Project Coordinator Rotarian Michael Light has been doing great work leading this and will soon compile the necessary information so as to have a more complete scope of work / cost in order to begin the grant application process, as well as the process of getting formal government approval. RotarianTrish's husband Angus has volunteered to assist with architectural drawings for the space. It was confirmed with the Minister of Health that this project will not require planning permission as it is not structural but the Ministry must approve it before work begins. Dr. Gerald Grell (Honorary Rotarian and a founder member of the Roseau club) has been involved and Ross University will help to oversee the implementation and functioning of medical and teaching aspects of the new facility.

Re-Design Emergency Room V2Rotarian Robin Foley, member of the E-Club for South-East USA and the Caribbean, has recently visited Dominica and came to see the project. His club could maybe partner with us for a global grant.

By letter of Jan 28, 2014 Dominica's Ministry of Health "strongly supports the project to renovate the Emergency Room".

We will keep you posted on the progress!

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VOSH Mission # 20 in Portsmouth

Posted by Hans Schilders on Jan 12, 2014

VOSH & Rotary Portsmouth together at Portsmouth Hospital

VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity), whose objective is to improve the sight and well-being of visually impoverished people throughout the world , is a volunteer group of Opthomologists from the University of Opthomology in Michigan, U.S.A.

For the past 20 years, working in close cooperation with Rotary Club Dominica in Roseau, VOSH has held their annual clinics for Dominicans. Their project leader, Dr. Dan Wrubel from the U.S.A., has  organized and led the annual missions without fault.

On Monday 13th of January,2014,  Rotary Club of Portsmouth was  involved, for the first time with the VOSH mission, giving assistance at the Portsmouth Hospital. About 600 eye examinations were completed and well over 600 pairs of prescription glasses and sunglasses were handed out. Portsmouth Rotarian volunteers were Rotarians Ezra, Stiengel, Catherine, Hans and Matilda. 

After a hard day's work, Rotarian Lise treated all Doctors and volunteers to a well deserved drink at The Champs Restaurant & Bar.

Please CLICK on the picture below to see the photo album of VOSH & Rotary at work at the Portsmouth Hospital.


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Road Signs on Morne Espagnol

Posted by Trish Edwards on Jan 08, 2014

Road Signs for Morne Espagnol

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth has recently installed “Caution” and “Dangerous Bend” signs on the first bend on the Morne Espagnol road heading towards Portsmouth.

We hope these signs will help to prevent future accidents plaguing this particular section of the road.

Many thanks to the sponsors; Kootney Resorts, Stewco Construction, to the volunteers who helped to erect the signs under the supervision of Rotarian Stewart Paris and Rotarian Gregor Nassief for organizing the signs and negotiating with Public Works.

Have a look at the short video.


Road Signs on Morne Espagnol Trish Edwards 2014-01-09 00:00:00Z 0

Portsmouth Rotary Realized Literacy Project

Posted by Daniel Hopkins on Dec 03, 2013

"I Am Dominica" Literacy Project Realized

ImageThe Rotary Club of Portsmouth has purchased 50 copies of the new children's book, "I Am Dominica".  This bi-lingual book is multi-faceted, in that it aims to stimulate literacy among young children, providing them with familiar content that they can identify with, as well as teaches them the Creole language. Additionally, it is popular among adults (Dominicans at home and abroad) who understand and appreciate the need to preserve Dominica's culture and heritage, as well as visitors who know very little about Dominica.

The books will be distributed to Primary Schools in the north of Dominica.  The money for the books was raised at the recent Portsmouth Rotary Charter Night Dinner held at the Cabrits National Park.  A special thanks to all those who supported this by purchasing raffle tickets and to Jewellers International and Digicel of Dominica who donated the prizes.



 Thursday Dec 5: RC Portsmouth President Dan Hopkins presents a check for 50 copies of the book to writer Mara Manley

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Speech PDG Lara Quentrall-Thomas at Inauguration Rotary Portsmouth

Posted by Lara Quentrall-Thomas on Nov 29, 2013

DOING GOOD IN THE WORLD by PDG Lara Quentrall-Thomas

Mrs. Lara Quentrall-Thomas was the keynote speaker during the recent inauguration Charter Night of the brand new Rotary Club of Portsmouth, DM. She was so kind to give us a copy of her speech an so we can present you the full version below.

She starts by a giving us a short history of the Rotary Foundation and then explains the 6 Areas of Focus. In closing she indicates how these areas are in line with the UN's Millennium Development Goals.

ImageFellow Rotarians and guests

PORTSMOUTH : My home town in Hampshire, UK.


At the 1917 Rotary International convention, outgoing RI President Arch C. Klumph proposed to set up an endowment “for the purpose of doing good in the world.” In 1928, it was renamed The Rotary Foundation, and it became a distinct entity within Rotary International.

In 1929, the Foundation made its first gift of $500 to the International Society for Crippled Children. The organization, created by Rotarian Edgar F. “Daddy” Allen, later grew into Easter Seals.

Speech PDG Lara Quentrall-Thomas at Inauguration Rotary Portsmouth Lara Quentrall-Thomas 2013-11-30 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Portsmouth Officially Chartered

Posted by Hans Schilders on Nov 29, 2013

Charter Night of Portsmouth Rotary a Big Success


This was the event we were waiting for. The night that we were celebrating the official recognition by Rotary Int'l of our new Rotary Club in Portsmouth.

Strictly spoken we were chartered on September 12, 2013, the day at which the president of Rotary International signed the papers to confirm that we are now an independent member of the worldwide Rotary family, but November 30 was the big celebration.
His Excellency Charles Savarin, President of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Honorable Ambroise George, Acting Prime Minister, Mrs. Laura Quentral-Thomas, Past District Governor of Rotary District 7030, and Mr. Robert Tonge, President of the Rotary Club of Dominica were all present to witness the presentation of the charter document to the first President of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Daniel C. Hopkins.

Some 130 guests enjoyed and excellend dinner served by Katherine's Restaurant and Catering Service, while DJ Kelvin, keyboard artist Aldayne Green, and Mel-C and Ti Orkest entertained us with excellent music.

Shortly we will publish a more extensive write-up of this successful evening. For now, just have a look at 80+ pictures to get a look and feel of the satified Rotariand and guests in the Officer's Quarters of Fort Shirley at the Cabrits National Park in Portsmouth, Dominica.

Click on the link to see the Photo Album of the Portsmouth Rotary Charter Night.


Rotary Club of Portsmouth Officially Chartered Hans Schilders 2013-11-30 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Portsmouth First Charter Night

Posted by Hans Schilders on Nov 10, 2013

Rotary Portsmouth Celebrates International Recognition

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth will officially become a chartered club of the Rotary International organization on Saturday November 30th, 2013. During a festive charter dinner at Fort Shirley, Cabrits National Park the club's President Daniel Hopkins will recieve the charter documents from the secretary of district 7030 (Caribbean). Dignitaries of the public and private sector will be present at this key event of Dominica's newest service club and all Dominicans are invited to come and celebrate together with Rotary.

The secretary of the District Governor for the Caribbean region (Rotary district 7030) will make a special visit to Dominica on Saturday November 30 to present the club with the signed and stamped charter documents from Rotary International. This will recognize the club as one of the newest members of the around 34,000 clubs worldwide.

Fort Shirley Cabrits DominicaTo celebrate the occasion the Rotary Club of Portsmouth organizes a dinner event with live music and a DJ in the officers building of Fort Shirley on the hills of Cabrits National Park.

This unique venue and landmark for the northern region of Dominica will make it a special night. Musical success of the evening is guaranteed by the performance of severl well-known Dominican jazz artists and musicians. See the Facebook page of Rotary Club of Portsmouth, DM for full details.

The general public is kindly invited to take part in the celebration. Tickets for the sumptuous dinner and live music are available from all members of the Portsmouth Rotary or call Lise van de Kamp at 616-3001.

Rotary Portsmouth First Charter Night Hans Schilders 2013-11-11 00:00:00Z 0

District Governor Visits Portsmouth

Posted by Trish Edwards on Oct 30, 2013

Rotary Training Session Hosted by District Governor Hervé Honoré.

ImageOn October 31st the Rotary Club of Portsmouth attended a “Training For Club Maintenance” session hosted by our District Governor, Hervé Honoré from Martinique which was well attended.

The 5 key structure points were:

Maintaining Membership, 

Meaningful Community Projects,

Fund Raising,

Rotarian Training for Leadership and

Youth Programs. 

After the meeting DG Hervé Honoré presented a Rotary pin “Engage Rotary, Change Lives” to all present but not all of us came with a lapel to be pinned on… it was figured out! ;-)Image

Click HERE to see the complete PHOTO ALBUM

Following the Training Session the Rotary club held their regular meeting where all members on island were present - a "full house".

Thank you District Governor for you time and inspiration.

District Governor Visits Portsmouth Trish Edwards 2013-10-31 00:00:00Z 0

Our Banner Coming Soon

Posted by Hans Schilders on Oct 30, 2013

As many of you will know, Rotary is an international organization with more than 33,000 clubs all over the world and Rotarians are very welcome to visit each others clubs when travelling.

During such visits it's a nice habit to exhange club banners but our brand new Rotary Club of Portsmouth doesn't have its banner yet. But that will change soon. Thanks to a great design, courtesy of John Purvis, brother of Rotarian Trish, we will soon have a great looking banner to exchange with clubs we visit and clubs visiting us.

Here is a sneak peek of the design. Thanks John !!!


Our Banner Coming Soon Hans Schilders 2013-10-31 00:00:00Z 0

A Big Compliment

Posted by Daniel Hopkins on Sep 17, 2013

Waoh, what a compliment we are getting!

Have a look at the email below of  Mr. Jeno Jacob, Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation. All members of our club and especially the Projects Committee Chair and members can be very proud. A good motiviation to keep up the good work.
Thank you Rotarian Dr. John Sands for being the inspiration for this project.


 And here is the answer of our President Dan Hopkins to Mr. Jeno Jacob:

Mr. Jacob -
As president of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Dominica, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you and the leadership team of Dominica Solid Waste for your expression of commendation to our club for its efforts.
Please note that this is more than the placement of the signs, as we have raised funds to pay for the cleaning of certain stretches of the roadway for the next three years.
We are also in talks with a local organization to partner in the production of reusable grocery bags for distribution in the North of Dominica. We do plan to continue to partner in the area of the 3 R's.
Thanks again for your very kind words.
Dan Hopkins
President, Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Dominica

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Salybia Bus Stop Fundraiser

Posted by Barbara Wallace on Aug 28, 2013

On Thursday, September 12th 2013 at 5:30pm, the Rotary Club of Portsmouth will be hosting its second fundraiser since its inception in February 2012.  This fundraiser will be held at The Champs in Picard, Portsmouth and funds raised will mainly go towards the construction of the Salybia bus stop.

The purchase of a ticket at a cost $5.00, allows you chances to win one of 10 prizes. Prizes include
2 nights @ the Calabash Cove Hotel in St. Lucia,
2 nights @ the award winning Secret Bay luxury eco resort,
2 nights @ The Champs, Hotel-Restaurant-Bar,
A snorkel set.

And other prizes.

It will be a night of fun and laughter and there will be a Dutch auction to top up the fund raising. So carry some extra cash!!

Tickets are on sale right now and can be bought from members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth. 
If you missed the first fund raiser, don’t miss out on the second.

Have a look at all the magnificent prizes you can take home on Thursday September 12th.


Salybia Bus Stop Fundraiser Barbara Wallace 2013-08-29 00:00:00Z 0

Keep Dominica Beautiful Campaign

Posted by Barbara Wallace on May 27, 2013

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth today announced the completion of its Keep Dominica Beautiful – Do not litter campaign.  Twenty-three professionally designed signs encouraging the public to “Keep Dominica Beautiful” have been installed along the Edward O. LeBlanc Highway from Portsmouth to St. Joseph.


This major project was a collaborative effort between the Rotary Club of Portsmouth and twenty-one organizations, each of whom sponsored one or more signs.  These organizations include Archipelago Trading Ltd., Avies Villas, Beacon Insurance, Belfast Estate Ltd., Bulls Eye Pharmacy, Cabrits Dive, Crime Stoppers Dominica, Dublanc Town Council, IGA Portsmouth, Kool Air, Millenia, National Bank of Dominica, Picard Beach Cottages, Ross University, Rudolph Thomas Enterprises, Safe Haven Real Estate, Secret Bay, Springfield Trading Ltd., Stewco Construction, Sunset Bay Hotel and The Champs (GoDM Ltd).  Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Portsmouth erected the signs over a period of various weekends crossing several months.

The project was inspired by Rotarian John Sands, a professor at Ross University, who spends his early morning hours collecting garbage from the highway, between Portsmouth and St. Joseph.  Several of the above mentioned sponsors also provided funds towards Rotarian John Sands in order to make his project sustainable. Regular cleanup will be done of the portions of the highway where the signs have been erected. This will be done either by Rotarian Sands or the business or organisation that has chosen that segment of the highway.

Dominica’s newest services club: the Rotary Club of Portsmouth was formed on February 2nd 2012.  The Club’s aim, like all other Rotary Clubs, is to provide humanitarian service, to encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and to help build goodwill and peace in the world.  In 2011 the ideas and discussions which had been going on for some time came to fruition when three members from the Rotary Club of Dominica decided to form a club in Portsmouth.  The Club looks forward to welcoming individuals as prospective members or friends of Rotary International.  

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"Keep Dominica Beautiful" - A Short Update

Posted by Hans Schilders on Sep 13, 2012
Keep Dominica Clean SignOur "Keep Dominica Beautiful" project is making good progress, even though we're not totally ready yet to go out and present the project to potential sponsors. Within a few weeks we will start involving the business community of Dominica.

Today we're just showing you the next step in our plan. On the picture you can see the sign that we announced earlier, hanging in the specially designed stand. As you can see there is also space for a garbage bin where passers-by can drop their rubbish. Or, anyone conscious of the environment and the importance of keeping Dominica clean can pick up a bit of trash and drop it in the bin.

Long term objective is to set up a constant stream of funds to support Rotarian John Sands to make his project sustainable. Not only by creating awareness but also by organizing teams of persons that will do regular cleanup of the portions of the highway "adopted" by the business or organization that has chosen that segment.

Please set your mind to it and be ready for us when we approach you for our Don't Litter project.
Thanks in advance.
"Keep Dominica Beautiful" - A Short Update Hans Schilders 2012-09-14 00:00:00Z 0

Successful First Fund Raiser

Posted by Hans Schilders on Sep 04, 2012
Our first fund raiser was a big success.
All raffle tickets sold out.
We had lots of fun playing Trivia and winning Kubuli gadgets.
Thanks to support of our sponsors we had 10 excellent prizes to raffle out.

Click on the image to watch a short video of a fun-filled night.
First Fund Raiser

Now we have to see how we can put these funds to work for our community projects.
We will keep you informed.
Successful First Fund Raiser Hans Schilders 2012-09-05 00:00:00Z 0

August = Fundraiser Month

Posted by Daniel Hopkins on Aug 18, 2012
Raffle TicketsThe month August is "Fundraiser Month" for the Rotary Club of Portsmouth. 

We are gearing up to raise $5,000 for our club startup expense and club service projects.  We are thankful for the various businesses that have generously donated to our fundraiser.  The prizes are simply amazing! 

We are even more excited about the position this puts our club to serve the northern part of our island.  The needs are great are we are committed as a club to making a difference. 
Please join us in our efforts to serve the community by purchasing a Raffle Ticket.  Your $5 will make a difference!
Dan Hopkins
President, Rotary Club of Portsmouth
August = Fundraiser Month Daniel Hopkins 2012-08-19 00:00:00Z 0

Support our first Fund Raiser !!!

Posted by Lise van de Kamp on Aug 15, 2012
Raffle Fund Raiser10 Good Reasons to Spend 5 Dollars

The first fund raiser of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth is in full swing.

Raffle tickets have been printed courtesy of Campbell's Business Machine and the club administration committee has done a great job getting top-class prizes.
Would you like to have a FREE 3-night stay at the Bay Gardens Hotel at Rodney Bay in St. Lucia? Or do you prefer 2 nights at the luxury eco-resort Secret Bay in Picard?

Have a look at the poster; we have 10 very good reason to spend $ 5 on a raffle ticket. Or better, buy a handful of tickets and win more than one prize :-).

Come support us on the 5th of September in De Champ, Restaurant & Bar (Picard, up the hill across the Ross main gate) where the lucky draw will take place. A percentage if the proceeds of that evening will be donated to Rotary by the establishment.
There will also be a game of Trivia and the sales of the Trivia-cards is another contribution to the fund raiser. Come out and bring your family and friends for a night of fun an charity.

Many thanks to the sponsors of the prizes. Please give them your business!
Support our first Fund Raiser !!! Lise van de Kamp 2012-08-16 00:00:00Z 0

"Keep Dominica Clean" Project makes good progress

Posted by Daniel Hopkins on Aug 13, 2012
Keep Dominica Clean SignOne of the first service projects of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth is well on it's way.
The road beautification project which will run from as south as Layou all the way north to Toucarie has entered its first phase.
The project group has recieved professional help with the design of a 3ft x 2ft sign asking the public to Keep Dominica Clean.

These signs will be placed along the highway with the help and sponsorship of the business community. Companies can "adopt" 1 or more single sides of the sign which will cover the cost of producing and placing the signs. The sponsorship can go the next level which will provide for the monthly cleanup of the roadside of 1 mile of the highway.

We don't expect to have a double-sided sign every mile but every little bit helps, so soon we will start approaching companies and other establishments in the north asking for their support.

We feel very good about this project which has its roots in years of work already done by Rotarian John Sands. 
The project has three positive results:
1. Cleaner roads for our beautiful Nature Island
2. Public visibility for the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.
3. Promotion for the sponsors.

Let's get this project "ON THE ROAD".
"Keep Dominica Clean" Project makes good progress Daniel Hopkins 2012-08-14 00:00:00Z 0

End-Polio-Now July 2012

Posted by Hans Schilders on Jul 04, 2012
We don't need much words here on our website.
Just click on the link below or on the picture and read the impressive July 2012 Newsletter on End-Polio-Now.
It simply shows that Rotary is the world champion of the service clubs.

CLICK HERE for the July 2012 End-Polio-Now Newsletter
(or click on the picture)

End-Polio-Now July 2012
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Rotary Portsmouth's First Fundraiser Lima Jervier 2012-07-01 00:00:00Z 0

President Dan Hopkins: I am Rotary! Are you?

Posted by Lise van de Kamp on Jun 30, 2012
Our monthly eBulletin is a great place to get to know some of our members.
Each month we will interview one of our members using the theme: I am Rotary! Are you?

We will find out why he or she is an active Rotarian and why he/she thinks it would be a good idea for you to also become a member of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.

We start with our president Dan Hopkins, not only because he is the leader of the pack, but mainly because he is the one with by far the most years of Rotary experience. Click on the video and in the next 4 minutes you will get to know Rotarian Daniel Hopkins a little bit better.

120622 I am Rotary! Are you? President Dan from Rotary Club of Portsmouth, DM on Vimeo.

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In the Spot Light : De Champ

Posted by Hans Schilders on Jun 30, 2012
* Are you interested in more customers in the north of Dominica?
* Does your company feel good about social responsibility?
* Did you know that your company can be a website sponsor for the Rotary Club of Portsmouth?

For a very modest annual amount your company logo can be displayed on every page of our website AND on our monthly eBulletin. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

Every month we will put one of our website sponsor in the spot light in our monthly eBulletin. This month we give some extra attention and promotion to our first website sponsor:
De Champ, Hotel - Restaurant - Bar in Picard. Up the hill across Ross University.

We will not spend a lot of text on telling you about De Champ. Just watch this short video.

Website Sponsor De Champ, Hotel-Rest.-Bar.

In the Spot Light : De Champ Hans Schilders 2012-07-01 00:00:00Z 0

The Rotary Foundation

Posted by Susan Kelley on Jun 30, 2012

Did you know that professional golfer Jack Nicklaus overcame polio as a teenager to become one of the greatest golfers of all time? 
Did you know that premier violinist Itzhak Perlman contracted polio at age 4 and overcame physical challenges to achieve international acclaim in classical music? 
Did you know that 99% of polio cases have been eradicated worldwide?

To learn more about the important role played by Rotary International and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, just click on the following link or the image:


End Polio Page

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A.O.N. >> Any Other (Video) News

Posted by Hans Schilders on Jun 30, 2012
So Much Other Video News.... that we could give you...

Rotary operates in more than 200 countries with more than 1.2 Million active Rotarians so every minute something new happens that we could report to you.
But we are a new Rotary club here in the north of Dominica and one of our priorities now is bringing new Rotarians on board. Why would you want to join us??
There are so many reasons why but instead of a lot text or talk, let's give it to you in a song.

Here is a song called Come June Us. Enjoy the music, the lyrics and the images and send us an email ( or give us a call at (767) 285-5757 to talk about joining us....

Come Join Us-EN from Rotary International on Vimeo.

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President's Plans for July

Posted by Daniel Hopkins on Jun 30, 2012
Portsmouth Rotary Emphasis for July
Our club emphasis for the month of July will be a continued emphasis on our top 3 priorities:

: A Club Fundraiser with a goal for raising $5,000.00 for club expenses.  Preliminary plans are for a raffle with exciting prizes for the winners and tickets to be $10.00 each.  Begin making a list now of potential “customers" for this first club fundraiser.

: Recruitment of the remaining members to reach our goal of 25 members so we can be chartered and become an official club in Rotary. It looks like we will gain 2 or 3 new members this month but we are still short. Let's continue to give our Membership Committee chair, Rotarian Hans, lists of prospective members.

: Development of our first service project. It looks like a highway beautification program will be where we start.  The Service Projects committee is looking for input on their preliminary plan.

Club members, please give your input through the month of July for any of the priorities listed above so we can "Get Going" and fulfill these priorities as soon as possible.

Dan Hopkins
President, Rotary Club of Portsmouth
President's Plans for July Daniel Hopkins 2012-07-01 00:00:00Z 0
I am a Rotarian from District 7030 Hans Schilders 2012-06-26 00:00:00Z 0

Polio's Last Percent

Posted by Hans Schilders on May 14, 2012
News from the Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation in close cooperation with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are at 99% eradication of polio in the world.
Let's not stop NOW.
NOW is the time to go to 100%

Polio's Last Percent Hans Schilders 2012-05-15 00:00:00Z 0

Portsmouth Rotary Receives it's First Banner

Posted by Hans Schilders on Feb 29, 2012
Robin presents bannerDuring today's meeting (March 1, 2012) visiting Rotarian Robin Foley presented the banner of his club to the acting president Susan Kelley.

Robin is a member of the Rotary eClub of Southeast USA and Caribbean.
It's the first banner our club receives from another Rotary club and were proud and pleased to start our collection.
Because we don't have banners yet for our own club Susan promised Robin that we will not forget to make sure he and his club get one as soon as we have ours.

Robin gave us a short explanation about eClubs in general and about his club in particular.
As a brand new club we also learned about doing make-ups on-line using the websites of eClubs all over the world.
Thanks a lot for your visit Robin, we hope to see you again next time you are in Dominica.
Portsmouth Rotary Receives it's First Banner Hans Schilders 2012-03-01 00:00:00Z 0

March Emphasis: Organizing To Make a Difference

Posted by Daniel Hopkins on Feb 26, 2012

President Dan
At our weekly meetings during the month of March, our focus will be "Organizing to Make a Difference."  Time will be taken at each meeting to explain the committee structure of Rotary, along with guest speakers and videos.

March Emphasis: Organizing To Make a Difference Daniel Hopkins 2012-02-27 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary of Portsmouth Celebrates Rotary Int'l's 107th Birthday

Posted by Hans Schilders on Feb 22, 2012
At the regular Thursday meeting of the newest club of our district, Portsmouth, Dominica Rotary Club - Provisional, the club celebrated the 107 Anniversay of Rotary International with a birthday cake and meeting room decorated in Rotary blue and gold.  The club gave a rousing rendition of happy birthday and viewed a video from Rotary's YouTube channel.  The provisional club has comleted 3 meetings and now has 15 charter members on its way to the 25 required to be officially chartered.

107th Birthday

Rotary of Portsmouth Celebrates Rotary Int'l's 107th Birthday Hans Schilders 2012-02-23 00:00:00Z 0
Portsmouth Rotary Celebrates Rotary's Birthday Daniel Hopkins 2012-02-21 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary of Portsmouth has started!!

Posted by Hans Schilders on Feb 01, 2012

Great news ! Congrats to all..   says District Governor Lara Quentrall-Thomas

in reply to the email from our president Dan informing her that the Rotary Club of Portsmouth has had it's first meeting.

First meetingFrom: "Dan Hopkins"
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2012 20:37:07 -0400
To: Lara Quentrall-Thomas
Subject: Portsmouth Club Update

Dear DG Lara  
The Rotary Club of Portsmouth had its first meeting today at the Riverside Restaurant in Picard.  I am happy to report there were 12 in attendance including 3 visitors. 5 members could not be present at this meeting, so if all were present we would have had 17 in attendance.  
President Marvlyn of the Rotary Club of Dominica, Roseau was our speaker for the day and she did an excellent job.  
We read an email from DG Lara officially designating "Provisional Status" for our club along with words of encouragement.  
We also live-streamed an extremely informative and well done video from Rotary International's YouTube channel concerning a Rotary Foundation partnership grant that is making a difference in India.  
We encourage all to visit our club.  We meet on Thursdays at the Riverside Restaurant in Portsmouth as follows:
1st and 3rd Thursday    12 noon
3rd Thursday            5:30 p.m.
4th Thursday            Committee meetings
Lunch is a buffet with coffee or tea for $40.00.  We alternate Italian, Chinese and Local cuisine.  All agreed the food was excellent today.
Daniel C. Hopkins
President, Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Provisional
Rotary of Portsmouth has started!! Hans Schilders 2012-02-02 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Int'l Bangkok Convention 2012

Posted by Hans Schilders on Jan 31, 2012
Bangkok 2012New Rotarians of Portsmouth, Register now for the 2012 RI Convention in Bangkok, Thailand, 6-9 May, and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Land of a Thousand Smiles!
Enjoy Thai hospitality.
Make friends with fellow Rotarians from around the world.
Take in spectacular sights.
Taste delicious Thai cuisine.
Experience a vibrant culture.
Renew your commitment to Service Above Self.
And have fun in a world class city.

Watch this pleasant video where the president of Rotary International and his wife show you the sights and sound of Bangkok. ENJOY!

Rotary Int'l Bangkok Convention 2012 Hans Schilders 2012-02-01 00:00:00Z 0

First Minutes - Constitution & Bylaws

Posted by Hans Schilders on Nov 19, 2011

On Thursday Nov 17, 2011 the new Rotary Club of Portsmouth held its first regular meeting.
The provisional members of the club accomplished the following:

Constitution    1.  They adopted the standard Rotary constitution
    2.  They officially adopted the club name - Rotary Club of Portsmouth
    3.  They approved by-laws for the Rotary Club of Portsmouth
    4.  They elected officers:
President - Dan Hopkins
Vice President - Susan Kelley
Secretary - Anestine Etienne
Treasurer - Lise van de Kamp
Sergeant at Arms - Rein Krone
At Large Board member - Paul Halpin
    5.  President Dan appointed Hans Schilders chair of Community Image
    6.  They agreed meeting times using New Generations guidelines:
        2 meetings at lunch,
        1 meeting at dinner,
        1 meeting for committees at various times. 
        Regular lunch meetings will begin February 2012 at the Riverside
    7. They raised funds to set up a checking account and savings
All present were very pleased with so much accomplished during this one meeting.
First Minutes - Constitution & Bylaws Hans Schilders 2011-11-20 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary comes to Portsmouth

Posted by Hans Schilders on Nov 03, 2011

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth is selecting its Charter Members

Logo Portsmouth transp 80x100Dominica's premier service club, The Rotary Club, is coming to the Portsmouth area.  
Rotary International is an association of over 33,000 clubs in 200 nations around the world committed to community service, the eradication of polio and world peace.  The Rotary Club of Dominica has been serving Dominica since 1975.  We are now starting a new club serving the North and Eastern area of our island to be called the Portsmouth Rotary Club.

The Portsmouth Rotary Club is looking for quality people who are leaders in their community and who are willing to make a commitment to service through personal involvement.  Persons who hold (or are retired from) a professional, proprietary, executive, managerial, or community position will invited to join.

 special informational receptions

Two special informational receptions will be held on Thursday, Jan 19 2012 and Jan 26 2012, at 5:00pm at the Riverside Restaurant in Picard. These receptions will be by invitation only. The meeting will conclude at 6:30 p.m.

The purpose of this informational reception is to

·         Explain the purpose of Rotary

·         Share our vision for the Portsmouth Rotary Club

·         Communicate the commitment we are asking of each member

·         Answer any questions that you have

If you are interested in joining the Rotary Club of Portsmouth and have not been invited yet, then we kindly as you to contact one of the three committee members mentioned below or to contact any member of the Rotary Club of Dominica, Roseau who you know personally.

The Portsmouth Rotary Club will be set up by the following members the Rotary Club of Dominica, Roseau and so they form the New Club Committee:

Dan Hopkins / 285-5757 /

Hans Schilders / 275-3710 /

Lise van de Kamp / 275-3660 /
Rotary comes to Portsmouth Hans Schilders 2011-11-04 00:00:00Z 0

District Governor meets with New Club Committee

Posted by Hans Schilders on Nov 02, 2011
DG LaraDistrict Governor Lara Quentrall-Thomas visited Dominica this week (1 Nov - 3 Nov).
Apart from her meetings with the president of Dominica, His Excellency Dr. Liverpool and the board of the Rotary Club of Dominica (Roseau), she also managed to have an extensive meeting with the members of the new club committee for the Portsmouth Rotary Club.

Together with the president, assistant governor and treasurer of Rotary of Dominica, the District Governor had a lunch meeting with Dan, Lise and Hans about the plans and projects of the new club.
She fully agreed with the intentions to set up an "international club" in Picard, Portsmouth. The presence of Ross University creates a unique opportunity to mix & mingle business and community leaders of the Portsmouth area with international faculty and staff of the university. This can open doors for service projects that other Rotary clubs would find difficult to open.

The new club committee talked with the District Governor about the potential projects like the Portsmouth Hospital and adopting a primary school in the region, and presented the agenda of activities for the upcoming months.
Lara gave her full "blessings" to the project and promised full support of the district level wherever possible.

The next steps will be bringing prospective members together and setting up the details to charter the new club following the established Rotary procedures.
District Governor meets with New Club Committee Hans Schilders 2011-11-03 00:00:00Z 0
Quote of the Week - Who Said It? Hans Schilders 2011-08-25 00:00:00Z 0
Thought for the Week - Who Said It? Hans Schilders 2011-08-25 00:00:00Z 0

Mark Your Calendars!

Posted by Hans Schilders on Aug 24, 2011

Following the visit of our District Governor Lara Quentall-Thomas on Nov 1, 2011 we now have a confirmed agenda for the set-up of the new Rotary Club in the North of Dominica, the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.






Mark Your Calendars! Hans Schilders 2011-08-25 00:00:00Z 0