Together with Rotary Club of Barbados South the Rotary Club of Portsmouth distributed 45 Christmas hampers. 
Rotary Club of Barbados South sponsored 45 Christmas hampers made by LA Enterprise in Portsmouth.
President Vivian-Anne and PP Sonya from the RC Barbados South came over to help with the distribution.
Although their flight got delayed for almost 2 hours we still made it to get most of the distribution done together with them.
President Hans, PP Ezra, PP Stewart, President Elect Sari and Treasure Matilda went to the airport to great our fellow Rotarians from Barbados.
We started in Marigot where we distributed 15 Christmas hampers.
From Marigot we drove up north to a village called Bense where another 15 hampers were distributed.
In Bense PP Lise, VS Anne and rotarian Carola joined the distribution team. 
As you can see some areas we could not reach by car so we had some nice walks in the beautiful nature of Bense.
After Bense we continued direction North to end in Portsmouth where the last 15 hampers were distributed.
Members of the Rotary Club of Barbados thank you again for this spontaneous donation and collaboration. 
Members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth thank you for your time and energy to make it happen.
Staff and Judy from LA Enterprise thank you for the effort to get all 45 hampers done on time after a very short notice.

We ended the day with a nice pot-luck dinner at Rotarian Virginie's house where Rotarian Marianne, Remi, Sam and our AG Sammy joined us.