Exchanging club banners is a very pleasant custom, it is an interesting story of community pride. 


One of the colorful traditions of many Rotary clubs across the globe is the exchange of small banners, flags or pennants.  Rotarians traveling to distant locations often take banners to exchange at "make-up" meetings as a token of  friendship. Many clubs use the decorative banners they have received for attractive displays at club meetings and district events.

Exchanging club banners is a very pleasant custom, especially when a creative and artistic banner tells an interesting story of community pride. The exchange of banners is a significant tradition of Rotary and serves as a tangible symbol of our international fellowship.  

Yesterday at our club meeting we exchanged banners with Rotarian Andrew from the Rotary Club of Leathbridge Canada our partner for our current global grant project. This special exchange took place at our new meeting venue , Indian River Complex in Portsmouth. Rotarian Andrew and his wife Geri are currently on island preparing the 23 primary schools for internet connectivity which will be needed prior to our donation of Chromebooks to the schools.  In the picture Rotarian Andrew and wife Geri along with Rotarian Vice President Lize of the  Rotary Club of Portsmouth.