Posted by Hans Schilders on Sep 26, 2019

Paix Bouche Primary School Gets Public Attention

After Hurricane Maria the Rotary Club of Portsmouth responded to a request of the All Hands & Hearts Foundation to provide help to the Primary School in Paix Bouche. All Hands were building a new school and we decided that Rotary Portsmouth would try to find funds for new classroom computers. 
So we could tell you that story here, but why not let DA Vibes tell it ??? 
Here is their story as published on Sept 27, 2019.
The Paix Bouche Primary School has been gifted a donation of information technology equipment for its computer lab from the Rotary Clubs of Portsmouth and Barbados and the All Hearts and Hands Foundation.
At a ceremony on Thursday, September 26th Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Hans Schilders, explained that the gesture was made possible through a student of the Seventh-Day Adventist Secondary School.
“Lily came to me with some of the staff as well as the Principal and members of All Hands & Hearts. They came knocking on the door of the Rotary Club in Portsmouth and said ‘guys we need help for Paix Bouche. We’re giving them a new building but they also need more support.’
“We altogether decided that Rotary was going to try to give you computers because we already know exactly what computers to buy. We were in contact with the IT Department of the Ministry of Education so we all came together. That one student had done so well and had such good grades that one Rotarian from Florida came to bring the computers. He was in the middle of Hurricane Maria horrified and decided to give computers to the school. We are here the Rotary Clubs of Portsmouth and Barbados to bring you your computers.”
Principal, Joannie Honore said “We are delighted that the Rotary Club has seen the need to make this partnership official. The ravages of Hurricane Maria upon the school cannot be forgotten or overlooked. However, the blessings which have been bestowed on the school, as a result, are truly tremendous. We shall forever be grateful to you all…”
The package comprised Chromebooks, projectors and photocopiers which Principal Honore assured will assist in providing quality education to the students of her school.
The value of the donated equipment is about EC$35,000.