Rotary Portsmouth Celebrates International Recognition

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth will officially become a chartered club of the Rotary International organization on Saturday November 30th, 2013. During a festive charter dinner at Fort Shirley, Cabrits National Park the club's President Daniel Hopkins will recieve the charter documents from the secretary of district 7030 (Caribbean). Dignitaries of the public and private sector will be present at this key event of Dominica's newest service club and all Dominicans are invited to come and celebrate together with Rotary.

The secretary of the District Governor for the Caribbean region (Rotary district 7030) will make a special visit to Dominica on Saturday November 30 to present the club with the signed and stamped charter documents from Rotary International. This will recognize the club as one of the newest members of the around 34,000 clubs worldwide.

Fort Shirley Cabrits DominicaTo celebrate the occasion the Rotary Club of Portsmouth organizes a dinner event with live music and a DJ in the officers building of Fort Shirley on the hills of Cabrits National Park.

This unique venue and landmark for the northern region of Dominica will make it a special night. Musical success of the evening is guaranteed by the performance of severl well-known Dominican jazz artists and musicians. See the Facebook page of Rotary Club of Portsmouth, DM for full details.

The general public is kindly invited to take part in the celebration. Tickets for the sumptuous dinner and live music are available from all members of the Portsmouth Rotary or call Lise van de Kamp at 616-3001.


Charter Rotary PortsmouthThe Portsmouth Rotary Club started its activities early 2012 as a project sponsored by the Rotary Club of Dominica in Roseau. The project to have a club in the north has been a long time in the making and February 2012 saw the realization of this plan.

After building to more than 25 members with a representative mix of the Portsmouth and Picard/Ross community, approval for charter as an independent club was obtained last September from Rotary International in Chicago, USA.

About Rotary in Dominica and Rotary International

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth forms part of Rotary International, a worldwide non-profit service club with more than 1.2 million members. Rotary International initiates projects that address critical issues such as hunger, poverty, disease and illiteracy.

The Portsmouth Rotary Club's aim is to provide community service in areas like health care, education, environmental awareness and tourism. 

Weekly meetings of the club are held every Thursday at 5.30pm at Riverside Restaurant in Picard. The club looks forward to welcoming individuals as prospective members.

Information about Rotary International can be found at

Information about the Rotary Club of Portsmouth or Like the Facebook page of Rotary Club of Portsmouth, DM