Thank You President Dan and Rotarian Brenda

DanIt was a surprise to all of us, as much as to themselves. Due to a change in work assignment, Pastor Dan Hopkins and his wife Brenda have gone back to the USA.  It was with much sadness that we bid them farewell at a recent meeting. Because the change was unexpected and came on short notice, we could only manage a quickly arranged farewell during our regular club meeting.  Nevertheless, our thanks for the great work of the club's founder is mega big.

Here are some pictures of the meeting and the text of a poem that Rotarian Jeannie wrote.  It is followed by a short word of "Past" President Dan. One more time: Dan and Brenda:  Thank you so very much for taking the initiative to start the Portsmouth Club. Without your drive and energy this club would not exist and surely not have grown to become the accomplished club that it is.  We owe you both so very much.  THANK YOU!!!

 Pastor Dan and BrendaImage

There once was a pastor named Dan
Who was a righteous & religious young man
With Brenda by his side
They traveled the world far and wide
Spreading the word to all of their clan

They arrived in Dominica one day
And for a long time they did stay
Doing for the better good
Among the Dominican brotherhood
Where they would play and pray

And so it soon came to be
That a club called Rotary
Was established by Dan in the North
And all good things did spill forthImage
Along the beautiful Caribbean Sea

Road signs and wheel chairs
BBQs and fund-raising fairs
A young boy’s prosthetic eye
And many toilets yet to buy
And everything done with a flair

We thank you for all that you’ve done
It’s been educational and fun
And as you can tell
We wish you both well
You both are second to none

As you continue your good deeds
Serving mankind and its needs
Wherever you may go
We want you both to know
That we wish you love and Godspeed



It has truly been a pleasure to work with the members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.  Brenda and I will miss you and Dominica. 
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve as President for more than two years and help forge the direction of the club.  We have achieved much and all of us should proud of our accomplishments. 
We will not forget our time with you.

Dan Hopkins
Past President, Rotary Club of Dominica