Bingo Fundraiser Nights coming...

Fun, Fellowship, and exposure to the community all combined in our new Rotary Portsmouth Fundraising Nights. 
Wednesday 13th of September we will host the First RC Portsmouth BINGO FUNDRAISING NIGHT.
We want to make this first night a success so we're inviting all our members to attend and to bring at least 1 friend, but you can invite as many as you want. And of course the general public is must welcome. Anyone who likes Bingo, and all friends of Rotary are kindly invited to come play a round for one of our many prizes donated by the business community in the north.
The event will be held at Purple Turtle starting at 7pm.
To play you need to buy 2 bingo cards ($15 for 2 cards).
If you like to have a drink or snack you can order at Purple Turtle. 
We can still use more prizes, so please if you know of businesses in the north, ask for a prize for our BINGO... (as for now we get prizes with a value between $15 - $50ecd).
We cannot have too many prizes because we will need more for the next BINGO FUNDRAISING NUGHT which we will host in 2 month from now. 
If you have a nice prize at home that you want to donate to Rotary, please let us know. (see below) 
Printing flyers will be available from Wednesday September 6th. Please tell us if you want one to hang at your business or any other place where the public can see it. We can't do this alone so please give us a helping hand. 
Fore more information, to donate prizes, get a flyer, or reserve a table, please contact Past President Rotarian Lise at cell 767 616-3001 (also WhatsApp number), or email 
Book it in your calendars NOW >> Wednesday Sept 13, 7am, Purple Turtle, Rotary Bingo Fundraiser Night.
Looking forward to see you there!!
BB  II  NN  GG  OO  !!!!!