Posted on Nov 10, 2018
Official visit from DG Dominique Vénéré to Rotary Club of Portsmouth
Thank you District Governor Dominique Vénéré for your visit to the Nature Island Dominica 
and for the time you did spent with RCP / RCD / Rotaract and Interact.
We loved you enthusiasm for our nature (Indian River), your participation on the FUN Day in Mero with all clubs.
Your listening ear during our board meeting. It was a pleasure hosting you.
DG Dominique was 5 days in Dominica from which she spend 2 days in Portsmouth
Unfortunately we were not able to show some of our school projects because of the 40 years Independence celebrations.
We like to show you with some pictures how we showed our DG the beauty of Dominica,
The appreciation of the members of all clubs towards our DG for her visit.
Lets start with welcoming her to Dominica by AG Sammy, President Cecil (RCD) and President Hans (RCP)
After welcoming the DG to The Champs Hotel
Rotarian Lise took her out for a tour 
on the Indian River.
DG Dominique loved the quietness on the river, 
the beauty the colours, the animals, the silence.
It was a good way to start her 5 day visit she said.
1st day Evening program:
Joying the 1st board meeting of charity organisation: Recycle Rebuild.
RCP will help Recycle Rebuild to open up the first Plastic and Wood Recycling Workshop in Portsmouth. 
Fellowship evening Dinner
with a few member of the RCP
at Keeping it Real in Toucari
Next day: Visit to the President of the Commonwealth of Dominica
Official board meeting with RCP
Dinner with members of RCP plus pinning of our new member: Rotarian SAM 
Congrats Rotarian Sam
and thanks to Mayor Titus from Portsmouth
to listen to us and for the promise to give Recycle Rebuild a space in Portsmouth to continue their business. 
Day 3, Roseau and pinning of another PHF for RCP Rotarian Rory
Our young member Rotarian Rory
from Recycle Rebuild got the honore to 
receive the Paul Harris Fellow pin from 
PDG Earle Johnson (the first and only DG 
Rotary club of Dominica ever had) during the
44th dinner celebration of the RCD.
We our proud of our new PHF Rory.
Day 4 Time to celebrate 40 years of Independence with President Hans and President Cecil
Thank you Rotaract club of Dominica for the Wonderful and super organised FUN DAY
Our DG Dominique, Interacts, Rotaracts, RCD and RCP members enjoyed this 
day at the beach. 
Complements to our DG Dominique
For her participation in every game the 
Rotaract Club of Dominica had lined up.
Thumbs up for DG Dominique.