Jovannie Daniel's Prosthetic Eye

ImageIn January, 2014, Rotarian Annick Giraud approached the Rotary Club Portsmouth with a story of a little boy she knew in the Cottage village who was in need of a prosthetic eye due to a cyst on the back of his eye.

Through our club, we raised $2,323.50 from our members and received donations from Sunset Bay Club in Calibistri and Robin Foley of Rotary eClub for South East American and the Caribbean, making a total donation of $3,357.50 which was paid to Dr. Reyaz Khan in Trinidad for the prosthetic eye and placement.

ImageThe Rotary Club of Trinidad, through Lara Quentrall-Thomas, PDG, provided the funds needed for the hotel stay and Roy St Claire of Trinity Taxi Service operating out of Glanvillia, Dominica provided free transportation for the family, to and from the airport.

On April 1, 2014, Gregor Nassief,(Rotary Club Portsmouth  Projects Director), and Dr. Shillingford-Rickets, (Jovannie’s doctor), received an email from Dr. Reyaz Khan in Trinidad providing an update and pictures of Jovannie after the eye implant.

“Dear Dr. Shillingford-Ricketts,

Jovannie Daniel was fitted with his prosthetic eye on Wednesday 26th March, 2014. His prosthetic eye is comfortable, centered well and the colour match is good. Please refer to the following pictures for an update.

Image  Image

His right upper lid is expected to raise slightly in coming month. Thereby, improving symmetry between right and left.

I am hoping to see him in approximately six months(within 12 month service period), to do further refinements in fitting the prosthetic eye.

 Thank you.

 Yours Respectfully,

 Reyaz khan

Optician/ Ocularist”