Waoh, what a compliment we are getting!

Have a look at the email below of  Mr. Jeno Jacob, Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation. All members of our club and especially the Projects Committee Chair and members can be very proud. A good motiviation to keep up the good work.
Thank you Rotarian Dr. John Sands for being the inspiration for this project.


 And here is the answer of our President Dan Hopkins to Mr. Jeno Jacob:

Mr. Jacob -
As president of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Dominica, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you and the leadership team of Dominica Solid Waste for your expression of commendation to our club for its efforts.
Please note that this is more than the placement of the signs, as we have raised funds to pay for the cleaning of certain stretches of the roadway for the next three years.
We are also in talks with a local organization to partner in the production of reusable grocery bags for distribution in the North of Dominica. We do plan to continue to partner in the area of the 3 R's.
Thanks again for your very kind words.
Dan Hopkins
President, Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Dominica