PR Recognition for Portsmouth Club

The Rotary Club of Portsmouth is still fairly young but in our short live we've been very active with public relations and promotions. Press articles got published, (bi-)monthly eBulletins go out to a growing group of recipients, weekly posts on our Facebook page get twittered on automatically to followers etc etc.

All that activity has not gone unnoticed at the district level and we were challenged to do some extra public image actions so that we could receive recognition in the form of a Public Image Citation from the zone 34 PR Coordinator.

One last thing was to promote a Rotary International produced video about the fight against polio; a battle that we are almost winning. We are "so close".
We used a boosted (paid) post on Facebook and were able to bring the video to the attention of some 4000 Dominican facebookers. And today you also see that video on the home page of our website and in the eBulletin of April 2014. Watch world leaders and celebrities confirm how close we are ;-)

Oh yeah, we did get that recognition. Here is the text of the email we received on March 17:

Dear President,
Congratulations to you and the Rotary Club of Portsmouth (D7030) for achieving the recognition of being a recipient of the 2013-14 Public Image Citation.
Yours in Rotary Service,
C.H. G., PDG
Rotary Public Image Coordinator - Zone 34

World's Biggest Commercial from Rotary International on Vimeo.