New Home for Family of 7 in Marigot

Portsmouth's Rotary Club is giving support to a community project of the people of Paix Bouche.

During our club meeting early November we were visited by a delegation from Paix Bouche consisting of Mr. Alexis George, Ms. Magdalene John and Mr. Stephen John. They presented us a project they are currently working on.

A mother of 7 children in Marigot got paralyzed during childbirth. Together with several of her children she is living under un-human circumstances in a roof-sheet shack without any sanitary facilities. The Paix Bouche group has started to build a 3-bedroom "real" house for this family. The work has progressed to an advance level but to complete this project they need more donations in cash or kind.

Please watch the short video to get an impression of the shack and the house under construction. Although we endorse this project, currently our club has no funds available to directly allocate to this project so we are seeking the personal help of our club members and the general public.


If you can help in any way - what so ever - feel free to contact Mr. Alexis George at Cell 1767 235-5326 or email .    Your help will be highly appreciated!!!