Prosthesis Needed for 9 year old

It was brought to our attention, by Rotarian Annick Giraud that a 9 year old boy, Jovannie Daniel of Cottage, was in need of a prosthetic eye.

After having surgery performed by Dr. Shillingford Ricketts in Roseau to remove a tumor at the back of his eye, it is now necessary for Jovannie to travel to Trinidad for a prosthetic glass eye at Precise Prosthetics Ltd. The cost of the prosthesis and fitting is $4,300 EC with a further cost for travelling and lodgings.

ImageAt our last meeting, Jovannie and his father were introduced to Rotary Club Portsmouth and Rotarians, guests and our guest speaker donated $943.50 EC towards these expenses. Thank you to all!

Rotary Club Portsmouth is asking anyone who is able, to make donations through the Rotary Club Portsmouth so that we can successfully assist Jovannie in his need.

Please contact President Dan Hopkins at