ImageSalybia Bus Stop& Shelter (Project Coordinator Dan Hopkins)

The project is finally on its way!  Work began on Monday February 17th with the assistance of 9 persons from UKSD (U.K. Soccer Development), a non-profit based out of Massachusetts working with President Dan and other Rotary members.

ImageCalibishe Sanitation Project(Project Coordinator Annick Giraud)

The Calibishe Sanitation project is the club’s largest potential project and would bring toilet facilities to 50+ residents of Calibishe at a cost of ec$200,000+. Visits have already been made and the club is committed to the project. Meanwhile, residents Louisa Warrington and Laura Shillingford, whom we visited and are included in the 50+ persons requiring facilities, would require funding of ec$2,760 and ec$8,349 respectively to bring facilities to their homes.  $2,500 has been approved to proceed with sanitation facilities for Louisa Washington.  Ezra has visited her home to determine material requirements and we should begin this work within the next few weeks. Labor is expected to be contributed from the area.  Rotarians Annick and Ezra have been the key persons pushing this project forward.

ImagePortsmouth Emergency Room Project (Project Coordinator Michael Light)

The Portsmouth Emergency Room Project would essentially provide a redesign of the current facility inclusive of new equipment to significantly improve the level of healthcare provided.  The project is now expected to cost approximately us$65,000.  The Ministry of Health has given the green light for the project and President Dan is in conversations with overseas clubs for funding.  Rotarian Michael Light has been the key person on the design and technical aspects of the new Emergency Room.

ImageRoad Sign Project: Do Not Litter – Continuation (Project Coordinator Ezra Fabien)

There are currently 2 – 3 ‘gaps’ in the current run of signs between One Mile and St. Joseph, and also the need to have at least 1 - 2 signs going towards the Cabrits and possibly Savanne Paille. The next step is to mark the potential new areas and then to formalize agreements with sponsors and have the frames and signs made.

ImageRoad Sign Project: Dangerous Bend (Project Coordinator Ezra Fabien)

The club has completed the installation of 5 signs at the first of two dangerous corners coming down MorneEspagnol before you get to Tibay, where there have been numerous accidents. There has been a suggestion that 1 – 2 additional signs be placed around the corner.  Also, there is the 2nd corner still outstanding to complete.

ImageGive More Hugs – School Supply Distribution (Project Coordinator Trish Edwards)

Give More Hugs and Rotary have completed the distribution of school supplies to 4 schools: Salybia, Sineku, CALLS and Light In.  Trish worked with Dan, John, Lies, Mathilda and others to make it happen.  Great job to all involved

ImageToucarieBarbecue &Lights Project (Project Coordinator Annick Giraud)

Hans visited the area and gave a sketch of where and how the lights could be installed. However, to date we have not been able to locate the correct solar lighting system.  Also, signs are required for the existing barbecue grills at Rotary (for public use, and sponsored by rotary).



I am Dominica Book Project (Project Coordinator Dan Hopkins)

I Am DomImageinica /MwenséDonmnik is a recently published poetic tribute to Dominica targeted to children six years and older.  Using a gentle, kid-friendly vocabulary, the book addresses the need for children to understand theirnatural and cultural environments as well as the importance of identity. Rotary purchased 55 books and on Tuesday, 10 December 2013 distributed them to 9 elementary schools:  Colihaut, DuBlanc, Portsmouth, Ans De Mai, Bense, Calabishi, Woodford Hill, Wesley & Margot. Rotarians Dan Hopkins, Brenda Hopkins, Bree Reynolds and author Mara Manley were on hand for the event.


ImageWheel Chair Project (Project Coordinator Trish Edwards and Annick Giraud)

On Thursday February 13th 2014the Rotary Club of Portsmouth held ceremony and wheelchairs were donated to the following persons:  Mr. Lynn George (Vieille Case), MrsAlexina Williams (Vieille Case), Leela Charles (Dos d'Ane), Levie Celestine (Calibishie), Margaretha Douglas (Toucarie), Gerald Vital (Calibishie).  One was also given to the Calibishie Health Centre, and three were allocated for Salybia.