Thanks to Joint Efforts of US Charity Waves for Water and the Rotary Club of Portsmouth
On January 15th Brent Lievsay and Ethan Lovell from the California based charity Waves for Water returned to Dominica to complete Phase Three of their mission to distribute much needed water purification systems.
They received on site assistance from members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.
A month earlier members of the club assisted in Phase Two, which involved the receipt of five hundred units through the port facility in Portsmouth plus transportation and warehousing the units prior their distribution.  Club members also helped identify
contact points at various health centers and schools to demonstrate how to put together and maintain the filtration systems and distribute them to those most
in need.
On Janurary 17th a demonstration took place at the health center in Wesley with Dr. Candia Jacob of Marigot. Lievsay and Lovell showed nurse Peters from Calibishie, nurse Ambo from Woodford Hill, nurses Sanderson and Dorsette from Atkinson and nurse Reid-Marie from Wesley how to assemble the unites and maintain the filter. A total of 25 units were given each to the nurses to distribute in through their health centers.
The following day units were distributed to nurse Moses at the Salisbury Health Center and Mr. Henry
Langlais at the Salisbury Primary School.  Some additional units were also distributed in the village of Dublanc, where the charity had done a small demonstration on its first visit to Dominica.
In addition units were distributed in Castle Bruce to Sandra Watkins and Darius Christmas for the Health Center and School.
A demonstration and distribution took place in the Kalinago Territory with the assistance of with Crozier Frederick. One hundred units were given out.
In cooperation with several charities, but primarily through the organization Waves for Water, the Rotary Club of Portsmouth has been able to distribute over
1000 water filtration systems to communities in the northern part of Dominica. .