Matilda is our treasurer elect and was a major volunteer immediately after Hurricane Maria hit Dominica. As many Dominicans did, she and her family endured not only fear for the safety of herself and her family, but house damage, loss of income and the immediate lack of basic necessities. Matilda’s husband, a fisherman lost all of his fish pots and has until recently been unable to return to his livelihood.

Although our club has received a lot of assistance in goods and in contributions to help rebuild, this money is earmarked for general service projects and not to use for Club finances. We as a club would like to reward Matilda for her service and give her the opportunity to attend PETS training and meet her fellow  Rotarians from our district. 

Matilda is administrator at the volunteer institute Colls Center, dedicated to giving a second chance to at risk young adults from the Portsmouth area, through vocational training and motivational programs.  The young Rotary Club of Portsmouth will benefit immensely by the training our treasurer elect receives.