Keep Dominica Clean SignOne of the first service projects of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth is well on it's way.
The road beautification project which will run from as south as Layou all the way north to Toucarie has entered its first phase.
The project group has recieved professional help with the design of a 3ft x 2ft sign asking the public to Keep Dominica Clean.

These signs will be placed along the highway with the help and sponsorship of the business community. Companies can "adopt" 1 or more single sides of the sign which will cover the cost of producing and placing the signs. The sponsorship can go the next level which will provide for the monthly cleanup of the roadside of 1 mile of the highway.

We don't expect to have a double-sided sign every mile but every little bit helps, so soon we will start approaching companies and other establishments in the north asking for their support.

We feel very good about this project which has its roots in years of work already done by Rotarian John Sands. 
The project has three positive results:
1. Cleaner roads for our beautiful Nature Island
2. Public visibility for the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.
3. Promotion for the sponsors.

Let's get this project "ON THE ROAD".