Posted on Jan 18, 2019
Visit from Rotarian Peter, member of the RC San Rafael California USA
In our last meeting (17/1/19), we had an unexpected short visit from a Rotarian living in the USA, but born and raised in Dominica. 
He surprised most of our local members when he started to speak the "Dominican" language. 
Because he had not much time, we did a fast banner exchange (our last banner) between President Hans and Rotarian Peter.
It was a beautiful evening with a green flash sunset.
Rotarian Peter briefly explained that after Maria he wanted to raise funds for the Island he was born and raised on. His special attention goes to schools. 
Rotarian Lise explained him the small project we are trying to realise in the Dublanc/Bioche primary school and Rotarian Peter responded: great give me the wire information and you will receive the funds shortly. So great news for our Club and a short, but beneficial visit. 
Rotarian Peter (Peter Narodny) also wrote a book over his time in Dominica: "Prison To Paradise" ( .
Thank you Rotary Club of San Rafael, thank you Rotarian Peter!