Keep Dominica Clean SignOur "Keep Dominica Beautiful" project is making good progress, even though we're not totally ready yet to go out and present the project to potential sponsors. Within a few weeks we will start involving the business community of Dominica.

Today we're just showing you the next step in our plan. On the picture you can see the sign that we announced earlier, hanging in the specially designed stand. As you can see there is also space for a garbage bin where passers-by can drop their rubbish. Or, anyone conscious of the environment and the importance of keeping Dominica clean can pick up a bit of trash and drop it in the bin.

Long term objective is to set up a constant stream of funds to support Rotarian John Sands to make his project sustainable. Not only by creating awareness but also by organizing teams of persons that will do regular cleanup of the portions of the highway "adopted" by the business or organization that has chosen that segment.

Please set your mind to it and be ready for us when we approach you for our Don't Litter project.
Thanks in advance.